Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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The past few days have been quite revealing for the construction & mining equipment companies and stakeholders. While on one hand, companies were toiling day in and day out to raise curtains over their innovative products & services portfolio at the much-awaited EXCON event, which was happening after a long gap of 30 odd months. On the other hand, the global economic sentiments were attempting to overshadow or derail the India growth story. But the moment, one entered the EXCON premise, after having won over the unending Bengaluru traffic snarls and untimely rains, it was a whole new world all together. It was like ushering in an era of unlimited opportunities where previous records will be broken, and new records will be set for others to follow.


The 11th edition of EXCON not just lifted the spirits of the industry, it also offered a poised platform for companies to showcase their innovations to their prospective & existing customers. Right from Day One, the exhibitors and the visitors sentiments were in sync – WE MEAN BUSINESS and they certainly did prove that. While the official figures of the deals sealed and the quantum of business generated are yet to be disclosed, the enthusiasm of everyone at the fairground was quite captivating. As one of the exhibitors joyously informed us, “This year’s EXCON was Super, Duper Blockbuster for us” and this was the case with almost all the participants who were waiting for such a platform for a long time. EXCON proved to be that bright light at the end of the tunnel after a prolonged Covid-19 pandemic and the gloomy business sentiments that were prevailing till recently.


Our June issue is an EXCON Bonanza where we have captured some incredible product launches, service enhancements by companies, technological capabilities and some intriguing thought leaders’ interviews. Our cover story too resonates these sentiments as we have attempted to unearth the nuances of SMART & SUSTAINABLE MINING EQUIPMENT.


While the road to recovery still looks long and hard, this EXPO proved that NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE if we collectively, as an industry, decide to take the challenges head on and work towards achieving the ultimate goal of SUSTAINED GROWTH.


Let’s pause for a moment and applaud the incredible innovations displayed by industry veterans at EXCON and take a sigh of relief & belief that ALL WILL BE WELL before we take the next step.

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