Friday, May 27, 2022

Maris Polymers SA


                            MARIS POLYMERS - GAME CHANGER


Maris Polymers SA - Greece is a global leader in liquid polyurethane waterproofing solutions with a presence in more than 50 countries around the world.


A network of highly skilled applicators backed by technical expertise from Maris Polymers India has set the right tone for waterproofing industry in India.

Maris Polymers India is changing the rules of the waterproofing industry by delivering 100% successful waterproofing assignments in the most demanding conditions in India.

Maris Polymers India is committed to 100% customer satisfaction through its quality of products and best practices in application techniques.

Maris Polymers has a vision to create 100% success in every project it accepts and hence change the mindset of our customers from maybe to surely will be waterproofed !!

The major advantages of Team Maris Polymers India is “ Talk Solutions and Deliver Solutions.”

The company has delivered waterproofing solutions for all types of waterproofing needs from wet areas, balconies, terraces, podiums, roof gardens, swimming pools, potable drinking water tanks, retaining walls, metal roofs, wooden roofs, parking decks etc.

Maris has solutions for all types of waterproofing needs in residential, commercial and industrial constructions. The company’s liquid applied polyurethane systems are suitable for all kinds of substrates ranging from wood, glass, metal, concrete, cement screeds, bitumen, PVC/EPDM membranes etc.

The company has a range of green products which is an industry first. These products help in global green certifications for construction.

Maris Polymers India in a very short span of time has created a list of highly acclaimed waterproofing projects ranging from 5 start hotel roofs, rugged waterproofing for parking decks, swimming pools, potable water tanks, roofs with polyurethane foam insulations, roof gardens etc.

Maris Polymers India is your ultimate partners for success in waterproofing and protecting your dream structures.


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