Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Interaction- V G Sakthikumar, MD, Schwing Stetter India




Our Telematics technology is developed in house and this provides us a unique advantage to cater to customer needs in a more efficient manner.


To bring visibility to the customer on the efficiency and performance of the equipment and life cycle of key components, Schwing IoT In, IoT Ready and IoT abled along with Schwing Smartrack devices were introduced in a range of Schwing Stetter machines. The company is constantly developing and upgrading its cutting edge technologies to stay ahead of competition. In an exclusive interview  to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, V. G. SAKTHIKUMAR, MANAGING DIRECTOR, SCHWING STETTER INDIA speaks about the current trends in technology, challenges and future trends.





Your views on how and to what extent have latest technologies like telematics, AI, etc revamped the project execution in construction/infrastructure domain.


The latest technology is transforming the construction and infrastructure domain to smart construct or smart infra. The technology closes the gap between the equipment and the investor, this visibility provides the investor to arrive the project progress and apart from this the telematics helps in maintaining the equipment and arriving the parts needs based on determined life cycle this also keep the manufacturer notified through the life cycle monitoring concept. These innovations and tech transformation has always brought big changes in delivering qualitative and timely result in the project execution.



Cutting edge technologies  featured in your machines, was it leveraged as a value addition to your clients or was it customers demand.


Over the decade there are big changes happening in the aspect of technology as far as the construction industry is concern. The Cutting edge technology brought many changes. IT became very much essential for construction equipment on the cutting edge features like availing dashboards for equipment or the group of integrated equipment’s for a prescribed project to monitor the entire project activities through integrated IOT. The data is communicated to the cloud through gateway device and with which the analytics are derived on the performance, utilization and project progress aspect.


Currently we deliver this as an option due to various challenges. Most of the projects are getting executed in remote places where the network availability is very minimal. Even in such cases many customer come forward to avail this features and provide necessary IT / Networking infra to take full advantage of the feature, even for the tunneling projects where the network becomes a real challenge clients come forward to provide networking infra to take full leverage of the tech. 




Provide a case study or details of the benefits accrued to your end user from the digital technologies in your machine.


We would like to highlight 2 cases where in one our client was able to achieve the asset management based on the requirement and utilization and could able to divert the equipment to other site.


In other case a RMC business establishment could figure out production loss with the collected data through IoT where the analysis was carried out with the alerts data based on the repeated alerts hit number of times and reason for the same where this visibility was not there without cutting edge tech.



Details us as to how these technologies improve productivity and lower TCO. Also detail us on the initiatives taken by your company to train the operators and end users.


The case study provided in above query is one such example for improvised productivity and lower TCO both alert based troubleshoot and diverting equipment based on utilization which lowers the capital cost. Extensive user training is provided to the end users where the new technologies have been incorporated by the automation and training department of SSI.



To what extend and how have these technologies helped your company in Aftermarket services.


Knowing current location of the equipment

Online / remote service

Service due notification

Spare parts planning

Generating training requirements

In all aspects the tech helps us in having the customer close and helps us to help our customer in avoiding major breakdowns.




Detail us on the challenges faced while adopting and imbibing technologies in your machines, availability of vendors, customized software requirements and acceptance of these technologies by medium and small users.


There are certainly Challenges, to bring more AI based algorithms we need to have big data which provides us a detailed behavior of the equipment while operation in different condition and environment and this guides us to get more detailed analytical scenarios and this analysis with big data is a real challenge.


On the implementation aspect there are challenges pertaining to the equipment that operates inside tunnels where the network is real challenge.


Sourcing of electronics components like IC’s during this pandemic is also a real challenge.


Many users are choosy they select equipments and feel like this equipments could be managed but the machinery which are mobility type (Self loading machine and excavators) there they come forward for the cutting edge solutions.




How do you ensure the data is secure and there is no loss of data on account of internet connectivity and other operating challenges.


Schwing Stetter (India) has server redundancy and the backend architect is built in such a way that the Database is well secured.  Network availability is a challenge in some locations for which there is a data log facility available built in the telematic devise which can store data and push when the connectivity is reestablished.




All major OEM’s today are offering telematic and latest technologies, what are your company’s USP’s and how do you plan to stay one step ahead of competition.


Since Schwing Stetter (India) is established in the industry for more than 2 decades we have better exposure about the industry and type of machine and requirement of the market and this gives us a leading edge. Many provide telematics mostly out sourced our strength is we do the development under our roof and this provides us to cater to customer needs and added features to implement in an easier way and this brings us in front when customers think about buying new machines.



Has your company adopted Industry 4.0 in your manufacturing operations, what benefits have you reaped by adopting Industry 4.0. Problems faced in Human-Machine Interface to implement Industry 4.0.How have you tackled problem of integrating legacy systems/software/machinery in your adoption of Industry 4.0.


Fortunately , our new factory has been designed and built with many of its manufacturing processes aligning with the Industry 4.0 standards. Mean while , as member of the Tamil Nadu Industry 4.0 implementation Task force, we are actively engaged in ramping up the 4.0 standards in all manufacturing process in our Global Manufacturing hub at Cheyyar.




Future technology trends and how geared up is your company to make your machines more smart and intelligent.


Bringing awareness to all types of customer on the benefits of transforming to equip the machines with cutting edge tech. bringing in more connections with required retrofits for legacy system for adopting IoT and increasing the development and analytical skills resource within the company are initial target to design and produce smarter machines.

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