Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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VÖGELE MT 3000-2 OFFSET Power Feeder

VÖGELE MT 3000-2 OFFSET Power Feeder: Paving the roads for the future


VÖGELE is the world market leader in Asphalt paving and offers a right paver for every application with various combination of different paving width sand also offers state-of-the-art Power Feeders especially for the large-scale job sites to offer reliable, uninterrupted transfer of mix to the pavers.



Bharatmala Pariyojana is a prestigious infrastructure project of Government of India. The VÖGELE MT 3000-2 Power feeder along with the 13 m Super 2100-3 paver and Hamm compactors were deployed by one of our esteemed customers, Gawar Construction Ltd on NH 148B, the project in Haryana state.


After the successful completion of project, Rakesh Gawar, MD, Gawar Construction Ltd., has quoted that “Jerk free continuous paving is the key to the excellent surface finish and riding quality thanks to MT3000-2 power feeder. The difference can be definitely experienced as very less vibrations can be felt while riding on the paved road. Roads paved using power feeder have performed well in the roughness test as well. We have experienced the difference between conventional paving and the paving using the VÖGELE Power feeder and we look forward to use it in the future projects as well”




Project Name:

 4/6 laning of Paniyala Mor (NH-48Jn.) to Narnaul section of NH-148B

 Narnaul to Pacheri Kalan section of NH -11 in the state of Haryana on Hybrid Annuity Mode.


Project Details:

•  Length of section:  45.3 Km

•  Width of Road: 13 m


Paving Details

•  Pave Width: - 13 m

•  Layer Thickness: Wearing course: 4cm compacted

•  Material: Wearing course: BC (Grade 1)



•  MT 3000-2 Power feeder

•  SUPER 2100-3 with SB 250-3 TV Fixed Screed

•  Tandem Roller

•   PTR


Application of Power Feeder

Large roads, such as motorways or trunk roads, are the best applications for mobile feeders. The Power Feeder from VÖGELE is perfectly tailored for use when paving “hot to hot” with two pavers. The offset technology is also ideal for filling the spaces between safety barriers on motorways or long-distance roads quickly and economically. The mobile feeder also demonstrates its strengths when it comes to surfacing footpaths or cycle paths. With its pivoting conveyor, it can travel on the main road and conveniently transfer mix to a small or compact paver on the cycle path. The VÖGELE Power Feeder is also used in an InLine Pave train laying binder and surface courses “hot on hot” in a single pass. Its pivoting conveyor alternately supplies mix to the paver for binder course and the paver for surface course by way of a transfer module.


A non-stop, non-contacting transfer of mix achieved by the feeder is a decisive factor for perfect paving quality. With a peak conveying performance of 1200 tones/hour it can empty a full truck load in just 60 seconds. The on-board total storage capacity of 45 tones ensures uninterrupted paving, high quality matt finish and faster job completion. The excellent paving performance ensures cost saving to customers on account of fixed expenses and more revenues per day.



Highlights of the VÖGELE MT 3000-2 Offset Power Feeder

  • Uninterrupted paving thanks to a total storage capacity of 45t with a maximum conveying capacity of 1,200 t/h.
  • Non-contacting material transfer makes for maximum pavement quality.
  • Homogenized material in the receiving hopper of the material feeder due to conical augers.
  • Wide range of applications thanks to the pivoting and inclining conveyor.
  • Reliable material transfer based on automatic distance control and anti-collision protection.
  • Optimum overview and safety thanks to the convenient and practical ErgoPlus operating concept.
  • Powerful Deutz Engine with 142 kW at 2000 rpm with ECO mode 139 kW at 1800 rpm.
  • 55 degrees conveyor pivoting angle with infrared heating panel.
  • Backlit operating console