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JSW Cement enters Construction Chemicals

JSW Cement enters Construction Chemicals business with unique Green Product range in the category




  •  Commences market roll-out from Karnataka
  •  Establishes new manufacturing setup in Karnataka for Construction Chemicals



JSW Cement, India’s leading Green cement company, has entered the Construction Chemical sector with the launch of a unique green product range in the category. The Construction Chemical category offers new opportunities for JSW Cement to combine innovation in Concrete Mix Products with Responsible Construction. The product range being rolled out by the company consumes less water during application. It replaces use of river sand during concreting with screen slag, thereby conserving natural resources & contributing to prevention of landslides, floods and air pollution. This makes JSW Cement’s construction chemical products, one of the most environment-friendly range currently available in the market. Currently, there exists a critical need in the market for consistent quality & regular supply of raw materials for making concrete. An unorganized market for the same also restricts the choice of credible supplies for Contractors and Individual home builders. All these issues are being addressed by JSW Cement’s Construction Chemicals products which offers consistent & credible quality and availability throughout the year.



According to G. Veera Babu, Chief Manufacturing Officer of JSW Cement, “JSW is committed to finding new avenues to preserve natural resources. In the cement business, we launched India’s first Green cement more than a decade ago. We are reiterating our commitment to responsible construction by rolling out a unique environment friendly construction chemicals range. Our focus on process re-engineering ensures that all our products are future ready and are aligned with India’s Climate Change commitments to reduce carbon emissions and conserve natural resources.”



According to Raj Kumar Dhempe, Plant Head, JSW Cement Limited- Vijaynagar Works, “JSW Cement’s new Manufacturing unit for Construction chemicals in Vijaynagar is one of its kind state of the art facility with the latest technology in the sector. Majority of the Raw materials are manufactured In house & in close proximity to the manufacturing setup, thereby allowing us greater control over Quality and consistency during the manufacturing process”.



According to Mubin Hussain, Business Head, Construction Chemicals, JSW Cement, “The construction chemicals & drymix industry sector is roughly Rs 12000 Cr with an expected CAGR of 10% over the next few years. With advances in green product technologies, this sector will see a dynamic shift from conventional construction mix ratios to extracted by-product engineered compositions. These product segments are expected to grow four-folds by FY25. JSW Cement is determined to making a mark in the category with the unique value proposition offered by these products to fulfill today’s Customer’s needs.”



According to Dr. Jagabandhu Kole, Head R&D, JSW Cement, “JSW’s Construction Chemicals range is the perfect partner for all construction requirements including large projects. This launch will also provide an additional consumption channel for JSW’s current portfolio of Cementitious products like OPC, PSC and GGBS. With changing trends, both public and private sectors have acknowledged and accepted that quality and durability needs can no more be compromised against price considerations. JSW Group, with its expertise in R&D & an environmentally conscious ethos will soon expand to other construction product ranges which will immensely benefit the whole building materials industry in the coming future.”



JSW Cement’s Construction Chemicals range comprises of Enduro Plast readymix plaster, Krysta Leakproof integral crystalline waterproofing compound and Duraflor floor hardner.


1. The Enduro Plast readymix plaster is a cementitious overlay product for vertical walls and ceilings to provide protection in construction structures from wear & tear caused by wind velocity, thermal fluctuation, gas & moisture ingress, water & chemical contact making it the perfect product for civil construction projects. Corrosion being the principal concern for any civil structure, the product performs to resist the moisture transfer to the steel  reinforcement.



2. Krysta Leakproof is a capillary waterproofing compound for use in concrete & cementitious mortars in construction projects. JSW uses a reactive crystalline technology in blocking pores & voids in concrete by forming an impervious barrier to liquids. This helps in permanently blocking water permeability to protecting the concrete & steel reinforcement in construction. The product improves the stability of concrete as it’s a protection for both negative and positive side waterproofing.



3. Duraflor is a non-metallic, non-oxidizing floor-hardener applied over fresh concrete to help protect flooring from erosion of surface. It also minimizes the transfer / ingress of oil & chemical spills into the floor structure. It’s non-skid & anti-slip properties helps provide monolithic, high abrasion-resistant & high impact-resistant floors. JSW Cement has established a 0.3-million-ton manufacturing facility in Bellary in Karnataka to produce its construction chemical product range. It has begun the roll-out of these products and will cover key markets across Karnataka. With the exponential growth seen over the years in the Construction Chemicals category, JSW’s focus on dry-mix mortar market is expected to reach a contribution of 10% for JSW Cement’s consolidated revenues within the next 4-5 years.



About JSW Cement: JSW Cement Ltd is part of US$12 billion JSW Group Indian conglomerate with interests in Steel, Energy, Infrastructure, Cement, Ventures and Paints. JSW entered the cement market in 2009 with a vision to ensure a sustainable future for the country by producing eco-friendly cement, using industrial by-products such as Blast Furnace slag. Its manufacturing units at Vijayanagar in Karnataka, Nandyal in Andhra Pradesh, Salboni in West Bengal, Jajpur in Odisha and Dolvi in Maharashtra utilize slag from Steel manufacturing units to produce Portland Slag Cement and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS). Through its innovative conversion of industrial by-product into a useful end-product, JSW Cement greatly helps reduce the carbon footprint of JSW Group.



For more details visit:  www.jswcement.in

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