Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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The Modern Business IP Phone - SPARSH VP210

The Modern Business IP Phone - SPARSH VP210


The telecommunications sphere has come a long way and so has the bar of professionalism at the modern corporate enterprises. With such a development, business communication became an essential part of the unrelenting growth of corporate organizations. Yet one thing that remains constant is the wide use of desk phones in varied business industries. Although even their outlook, design, and system architecture have gone under a complete technical makeover. This directly reflected on the transition of the desk phones from being categorized as Analog to digital and finally to the VoIP phone system for modern business.


As one of the best Business VoIP Providers, here is exactly why regardless of its scale, Matrix urges every business to switch to IP telephony systems such as SPARSH VP210 - a premium IP phone that comes pre-loaded with:

Cost-effective benefits - The solution is highly cost-effective as the system works on the internet, the call costs incurred reduce to a great extent.


Wireless Mobility and Application Integration - Entrepreneurs can link many productivity tools such as directory, presence sharing, softphones, instant messaging, etc. with their IP desk phones. This again gives an added advantage of mobility to the users.


High Future-proof Scalability - It simplifies the complications involved in multi-location connectivity through internet operation and so providing anytime scalability and compatibility with future tech.


Improved Call Quality - As the data in these systems is passed on in the form of data packets over the internet, it immensely improves the call quality, giving users the benefits of clarity and smooth communication.


Key Features

  • Enhanced Desktop Viewing - 128 x 64 Graphical LCD
  • LED for Call & message wait indication
  • Intuitive user interface with Icon
  • 3 feature keys: Headset, Mute, Hands-free speakerphone
  • 4 Context-sensitive keys & 2 Line Keys
  • Adjustable Desk mount
  • External AC Adaptor
  • Abbreviated Dialing, Call Pick Up, and Internal Call Restriction
  • Call Hold, Mute, and DND
  • One-touch Transfer and Hotline
  • Redial, Auto Call Back (ACB), and Auto Answer
  • Call Forward, Call Waiting, and Call Transfer
  • 3-way Conferencing and Conference Multi-party
  • Emergency Call and Conferencing

Don’t make your business success wait any longer. Get your hands on the best-in-class VOIP Phone Handset today itself


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