Tuesday, June 28, 2022

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Narendra Modi Stadium - India's First Gold Green-rated Cricket Stadium

Narendra Modi Stadium - India's First Gold Green-rated Cricket Stadium

Larsen & Toubro, the major Indian multinational engaged in EPC Projects, Hi-Tech Manufacturing and Services, successfully completed the re-construction of the Stadium in February 2020.


L&T continuously strives to develop world-class assets and was involved in the conceptualisation and design and execution of the world’s largest cricket stadium. L&T has always prioritized 360-degree view of sustainable development that encompasses the social, economic, governance and financial aspect.


Following measures were taken by L&T to achieve the first Gold Green certification -


Savings in Energy

By adopting various Energy Conservation measures, the stadium has Energy Savings of about 20% over ASHRAE 90.1-2010 Base Case. 100% LED lighting and Building Management Systems (BMS) control and monitor HVAC systems, lighting pumping & ventilation systems contribute to greater energy efficiency. To monitor energy and water usage, energy and water meters are installed.


Savings in Water

The stadium has dual flush water closets, taps & faucets with flow restrictors and Urinals with less water flow, resulting in 30% savings in potable water requirement. It has an Onsite Sewage Treatment Plant of capacity 1 MLD and uses the recycled water for landscaping, flushing & HVAC. The stadium is dedicated towards water conservation and has a Rainwater harvesting system capacity of 32 lakh litres per day to enhance ground water table and reduce municipal water demand.


Air Supply & Biodiversity and Vegetation

The fresh air is provided as per ASHRAE 62.1-2010 Std. There are highly efficient HVAC systems with eco-friendly refrigerants and Halon-free fire extinguishers. With special attention to Biodiversity enhancement, the stadium has 11 acres of vegetation.


Measures undertaken during Construction –


Materials used

Usage of materials such as Adhesives, Sealants, Paints & Coatings with low VOC emissions to reduce adverse health impact on occupants. By using admixtures in Ready Made Concrete (RMC), the project was able to save 1595 KLD of potable water required for construction activities.


Recycling of waste material

The company diverted 3400 tonnes of construction waste from being sent to landfills and procured 40%+ of the construction materials locally.  The company also procured 20%+ of the construction materials from recycled content.


“The stadium has distinction of being the only cricket stadium in the country to be awarded the Gold Green Building rating by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)” said

M V Satish Whole-time Director & Senior Executive Vice President (Buildings), Larsen & Toubro.”


For more details visit: www.larsentoubro.com

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