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Interaction- S S Gill, SVP-International Business, Company Owned Retail, Non-Automotive Engine Business, Brand & Communication- VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd

We believe in partnering with our customers, to deliver value with our product and service offerings, to make their businesses more profitable and successful.


VE Commercial Vehicles Limited, designs and manufactures EICHER branded engines ranging from 38 HP to 201 HP, offering customized solutions to suit various application requirements such as Power Generation, Construction Equipment, Material Handling Equipment, Earth Movers, Pump Sets, Marine and Agricultural Machinery. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES,
BRAND & COMMUNICATION - VE COMMERCIAL VEHICLES LTD speaks about the latest trends, his company’s products and a lot more.



Give us an overview on the Generators & Engines industry, latest technology trends and market dynamics. What are the types of gensets & engines currently in demand?

Simply put, wherever one needs motion without electric power, industrial engine is a solution. And where there is unavailability or interruption in electric supply, the same also gets generated through generator sets- which again are powered by engines. The application and demand of engines is directly linked with economic activity in any market.

There was a dip in this activity during the pandemic,but it is on the path of recovery right now. Some specific segments continued to grow even during this period such as gensets used for new mobile towers, hospitals, e-commerce fulfilment centres etc. Industrial engine segment is also picking up, with the recovery in construction and infrastructure sector, addition of warehouses and hence material handling equipment, and various applications such as agricultural harvesters.  Indian industry is upgrading to new emission norms viz. CPCB4+ for gensets and BSIV CEV for industrial engines. Various manufacturers of cranes, construction equipment, agricultural harvesters, forklifts etc. are utilising this opportunity to transform their offerings beyond just emissions upgrade. This is a great opportunity for players like us to help them in this transformation journey. VECV has developed a very wide range of engines to cater to the growing requirements in the industry. Engines supplied by VECV are powering vehicles, machines and gensets in India and over 45 countries across the globe.



What has been the impact of Covid-19 on your business and what are your strategies to overcome these sluggish market conditions and expand market share.

Our business moved in line with the industry and is on the path of recovery now. This period also lent us an opportunity to develop engine solutions with various OEMs while they are upgrading to new CEV norms. This makeover not only helped us in sustaining but also to grow our market share, across segments. We plan to quadruple our non-automotive engine volumes in the future with this initiative. The continued customer-connect and customer-support, despite the pandemic, helped in sustaining the business during this period. We also utilized the opportunity to build and strengthen competencies across new age online learning tools, for both existing and new engine platforms.



What are the types of Engines offered by your firm? Cutting edge technology featured in your products? What distinguishes your products from competitors?

Apart from the engines produced for automotive applications, we offer a wide range of non-automotive engines for industrial and genset applications. Industrial engines are best suited for construction equipment (such as cranes, compactors, pavers, excavators), material handling equipment (like forklifts) and agricultural use (like combine harvesters).

Engines at VECV are manufactured in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities conforming to global quality standards and modern manufacturing practices with relevant automation, to produce consistent and reliable quality engines. VECV has been supplying base engines for over seven years now to the Volvo Group for Euro-VI requirements.

These engines are known for best-in-class fuel efficiency, reliable operations, and superior uptime, with a host of features such as engine protection, energy saving peripherals and longer service intervals. Another useful feature of the new generation engines is remote diagnostics through a portable, easy to use engine diagnostic tool.



Your strategy in this price sensitive market. To what extent is consumer behaviour influenced by cost?

We believe in partnering with our customers, to deliver value with our product and service offerings, to make their businesses more profitable and successful. Volvo Group’s technology coupled with the engineering expertise of Eichery, has been successful in offering engines in line with that philosophy. Our engines distinctly stand out for best-in-class fuel efficiency, high reliability & uptime, and host of user-friendly features that can assist in making our customers successful in their businesses.

Consumers in the industrial engines segment look for total cost of ownership over useful life of their machines, and they see value in our well-engineered offerings. In gensets, the initial cost sensitivity depends upon application and usage of the genset. Our wide range of Eicher engines cater to different segments and applications that make the operations of our customers more profitable.



Give us an understanding of the post-sales services offered by your company for non-automotive engines?

After-sales service is one of the key differentiators in our non-automotive engine offerings. Our engines get integrated with industrial machines or gensets by the respective OEMs and hence it is important to equip the after-sales ecosystem of the construction equipment or material handling equipment or agricultural machinery or genset manufacturers who service the end customers.

Competence building of service technicians, availability of tools and spare parts, and technical support for quick response happens through our wide network of Eicher Competence Development Centers (CDCs), extensive service and parts distribution network and unique electronic diagnostic tools and uptime support for new generation engines. Service teams of all OEMs are equipped with all the requisite tools, parts and well-trained technicians. Our extensive service infrastructure for automotive service support is also leveraged outside India.



Which are the areas which will drive your business and tell us of the important projects where your products have been installed with success?

Our non-automotive business is building up and growth is expected from both industrial engines as well as genset segments. We have non-automotive engines in continuous operation with over 20,000 hours already clocked in tough duty-cycle conditions without an overhaul. There are several applications in India, Middle East and parts of Africa where we have seen tremendous success for over seven years now.

We also see a large opportunity in segments where new emission norms are driving a shift to new-generation engines, where we have a significant advantage with our global technology engines, especially in areas of fuel efficiency, reliability & uptime, and user-friendly modern features.



Future outlook on the industry and from your company’s perspective?

With increase in economic and infrastructure activities in India and the developing markets, non-automotive engines industry will resume its growth trajectory. We have also set a classic example of “Make In India, for the world” with world-class engine manufacturing facilities that cater to requirements in over 45 countries in the world.

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