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Interaction- Vivekanandan Margasahayam, Vice President, Tremco Cpg (India) Private Limited

We provide the complete industrial flooring solutions to match the needs of our clients.



Tremco Construction Products Group (CPG) in India is a market leader in the manufacturing of seamless industrial and commercial resin Flooring solutions, waterproofing, roofing with insulation, systems for joints & durable sealants, admixtures, repair products ,curing compounds, floor hardeners, densifiers, external façade insulation, glazing solutions, passive fire protection products, fibres as well as other specialist construction products & coatings. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, VIVEKANANDAN MARGASAHAYAM, VICE PRESIDENT, TREMCO CPG (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED speaks on the latest trends in the Industrial Flooring industry, his company’s offerings, approach towards innovation, environment, sustainability and a lot more.




Give us an overview on the Industrial Flooring industry in India, latest technology trends and market dynamics. What are the types of industrial flooring currently in demand.

Dry Shake Non Metallic Hardener Topping, Fresh-on-fresh Slurry Topping, Dust proofing Treatment With Silicate Based Liquid Hardener, Polished Concrete With Lithium Based Liquid Hardener, Resin Systems With Polyurethane, Epoxy, Polyurea Coatings and Screeds, Thin Cementitious Screeds, Polished Concrete Treatment, Color Dyeing are some types of the industrial flooring finishes used across the nation. With the advent of new government relaxations and norms post COVID-19 lockdown, Industrial flooring industry in India is gradually reviving back to its growth trend. India Flooring is estimated to be around 45 Mio. Sq.m. and growing at 8 – 10% YOY.


What has been the impact of Covid-19 on sales of your company’s products and what are your strategies to overcome these sluggish market conditions and expand market share?

Given the critical shock of COVID-19 pandemic to the entire flooring Industry, our business came to a grinding halt during the lockdown. The Governments unlock measures may well be on the road to a more sustained recovery for the flooring industry.

While there is a steady surge in fresh projects investments that was spread across all major sectors including manufacturing and shifting of big time organizations from China to India, we foresee that the scope of Industrial flooring has grown steadily. We being the leader in the market segment in India for almost a decade, we are getting back to the track with bunch of major projects in our kitty.


Tell us about the various types of industrial floorings offered by your company, in terms of types and applications     

Tremco CPG India has a wide range of industrial flooring systems from the world renowned Flowcrete brand that offer highly resilient and durable workhorse surfaces, perfectly suited for the challenging operating conditions of the industrial sector.

We provide the complete industrial flooring solutions to match the needs of our clients. Whether you require chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to heavy loads, ease of maintenance or all of the above, we will be able to provide a satisfying solution for you.

Our vast portfolio of performance flooring products offer the strength required to deal with an entire host of conditions whether it is industrial coatings and joint-free self-levelling epoxies through to heavy duty polyurethanes and epoxy mortar systems.

All our industrial floor coating systems are joint-free, delivering a seamless finish with no cracks or crevices to harbor dust, dirt and bacteria. This makes the surfaces user-friendly to clean and maintain and ensures hygiene between wash cycles. Additionally we also offer Fiber reinforced concrete solutions catering to warehouse and heavy impact areas.


What are the USP’s of your products/solutions Vis-à-vis competition  

Our range of Industrial flooring solutions are certified locally and internationally by major industrial and government bodies, trained applicators, well proven track record in major projects across the globe with over 40 years expertise in the resin flooring industry, Solutions focused for every market sector and the customized approach to match the required performance of the end-user and many more satisfied customers are the advantage of our flooring products over competition.


What is the company’s approach towards innovation, environment and sustainability?

We are the innovative flooring giants in the globe with continuous research and development to create more sustainable and durable solutions to the market. Tremco CPG India’s flooring solutions (Flowcrete brand) has reintroduced a number of recycled products from heavy industry waste streams  into its manufacturing processes including pulverised fuel ash (PFA), ground granulated blast furnace slag (ggbs). Products in our seamless terrazzo range even contain recycled glass and mirror glass aggregates. Where possible Tremco CPG India supplies materials in bulk using re-usable UN Certified Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s) or recyclable drum containers, in preference to small packed systems, in order to reduce the quantity of non-reusable packaging and waste resulting from our flooring operations.

Our research and development team are continually looking into ways to improve the environmental credentials of our products.


What are the demand trends driving the market for industrial flooring products in India? Which sectors are major demand drivers in India?

Few forces that drive the market include ‘’Make in India Initiative, Atmanirbhar Bharat Scheme, Expanding of the existing Road network, Improvisation of Warehousing Infrastructure. Shifting of MNC’s Manufacturing to India from China’’. With this the major drive that we could foresee on an immediate basis is the cold storage industry, that is geared up with greater demand for the COVID-19 vaccination programme would drive the market to a larger extent. Preparedness of the floor to withstand the consistent very low temperature with impacts would be a challenge for the floors in cold storages.


Tell us about the challenges faced by the industrial flooring market in India. What are the steps taken to overcome them?

Skilled labor, updating the labor to the new technologies, stakeholder knowledge on importance of quality floors which in turn pave the way for quality specification, choosing correct flooring as per the requirement, low cost competition are the few challenges faced by Industrial flooring market in India.

With price being an important factor in any product, what is your strategy for the volatile market?

The clients have started realizing the importance of floor quality over pricing. The durability and performance of flooring will increase the life cycle of the flooring and thereby reduce the repair and maintenance cost of the floors. The simple strategy that we follow in India is to provide the right specification for the clients issues and requirements thereby giving them a long lasting floors .


Any new product launches from your company, their unique features

We have queued up few launches of our flagship products that has a proven global history and certification from recognized bodies. Resin terrazzo(our Mondeco series), Industrial floors for warehouses without conventional reinforcements (With Macro-Fibers & Shrinkage compensating products), Electro static Dissipative flooring for & Entire gamut of solutions for the cold storage industry withstanding the lowest temperature and temperature fluctuations.

Resin-Terrazzo– Our Mondeco seamless epoxy resin terrazzo flooring is the ultimate surface material for commercial environments owing to its eye-catching and durable finish. Offering a mix of aggregates ranging from sparkling crystal mirror glass right through to tough flint and granite chippings. Can be installed in a variety of complicated patterns and colors

Macro-Fibers- Tuf-Strand SF is a patented macro-synthetic fiber that is UL certified for composite steel deck construction and is used for replacement of limited structural steel in pre-cast,slabs on ground, pavements and shotcrete applications

Shrinkage compensating Products

Electro-Dissipative Flooring- we offer successful antistatic flooring product range that is able to assist in preventing harmful electrical charge that builds up from destroying sensitive components, by dissipating the charge safely to ground.(designed for use in environments that contain or are handling sensitive components, gases, solvents or even explosives)


Future outlook for the industry and from your company’s perspective?

Since the India adopts to “Self-reliant” and “Make in India” policies, scope of the industrial flooring is also wide. End-users are more focused to quality and durable solutions and awareness among the clients on the importance of high performance floors to transform the industrial environment have drastically improved. We see these as a driving force behind the change that India would positively anticipate in the Industrial flooring market.

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