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Table of Contents for Industry Focus- Excavators Attachments

Interaction- Rajinder Raina, VP, DTR Equipments

Our rock breakers come with the tagline – “Tough Enough” which sums it up all





DTR Equipments Pvt Ltd is an Indian manufacturing company with a fully integrated contemporary technology plant & anin house design, heat treatment and testing facility at Vishakhapatnam. With a dealership network in India and abroad the company prides itself on Indian products for Indian and overseas markets. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, RAJINDER RAINA, VICE PRESIDENT, DTR EQUIPMENTS PVT LTD, speaks about the excavator attachment industry, his company’s products, impact of Covid -19 and a lot more.






Give us an over view on the excavator attachment industry, latest technology trends and market dynamics. What are the types of excavator attachments currently in demand.


Excavation/earthmovers in India comprises2 categories, Backhoe loaders and Excavators which in turn can be further classified into four categories, 2-2.5 tonne capacity called mini-excavators, 7-13 tonne called midi-excavators, Standard 20-30 Tons & large one comprising 40 Tons and above.


Over the past 5 decades, excavators in India have been put to increasing applications particularly by using various attachments. It started with change in configuration, size and metallurgy of the buckets onto the special purpose attachments like Rock breakers other pulverising and demolition tools many more very special and limited application attachments. The attachments are too many to cover in single go.


Rock breakers remain the single largest selling attachment for excavators in India.




What has been the impact of Covid-19 on your business and what are your strategies to overcome these sluggish market conditions and expand market share.


Covid-19 impacted the best fortnight of business in our industry that is 15 to 31st March which was followed by a complete shutdown in the months of April and May. However, June’20 marked the turnaround month in which not only did the demand pick up but also the outlook became promising which triggered the increase in manufacturing at the factory end including the vendors and suppliers. Luckily, the industry responded better than expected as things started falling in place in the entire value chain. This phase also saw companies change the go-to market strategy a lot of which will stay on for a long period and some of them would have changed forever.


On the manufacturing end, the first thing was to make the entire supply chain smooth as also to incorporate requisite flexibility to cater to the expected increase in demand.


We have put in a dealership network in place which is being expanded for increased foot print and deeper penetration into the market. Proximity to the work site for quick and committed after sales support. We have a long term plan in place. This is significant because the market has seen too many Chinese products supplied by the fly by night operators.



Tell us about the range of excavator attachments offered by you, in terms of types, capacities and applications.


DTR equipment offers the complete range of Rock breakers which is fully Made in India. The plant is the first fully integrated plant for manufacture of rock breakers with an in-house design department, Heat Treatment and testing facilities. The technology and quality is contemporary and competes with the best at the global level. The rock breaker market is maturing and people are avoiding low priced Chinese products by replacing them with better quality Indian make rock breakers. DTR rock breakers are finding resonance with the buyers/users as they are ready to pay the premium which gives them the requisite deliverables/returns in more than one way.


The best part is the cost of owning, operation and maintenance which has made it a user favourite in quick time.



Cutting edge technology featured in your attachments. What distinguishes your attachments from competitors.


Our rock breaker models DTR 75, DTR 105, DTR 135 and DTR 150 come with the tagline – “Tough Enough” which sums it up all. It is designed for Indian application and has all the parameters optimized “enough” for any/every “tough” application. It matches up to the desired output that the user/customer is looking for by way of long service life, low cost of operation and commitment of after-sales service.



What is your company’s focus on R&D, technology and innovation.


As already said DTR has an in house design facility which is fully alive to feed back from the operators, users, our service team and the back end at design, data analysers, quality and factory manufacturing level engineers. It is a continuous ongoing process as the input gets processed and changes, whatever and wherever needed, are incorporated. Adding to the range and expanding within the range is going on as we keep our antenna out for newer demand and requirements from the field as excavators move into new types of jobs and applications.



Your strategy to play in a price sensitive market.


Price sensitivity is something that is there to stay in the Indian market. It is the fine balance between Price and output, measured through multiple matrices. Optimisation is the core of the design in DTR rock breakers. DTR has been positioned to carve out a niche for itself. The total value proposition of product and service offered is the key.



Future outlook from an industry perspective and company?


DTR Equipments, with the manufacturing muscle, dealership network is a long term solution in Rock breaker market that will keep adding products and variants to not only cater to the market but also to upgrade the application at the user end by offering the right equipment for the right machine & application.


DTR rock breaker acceptability outside of India has been at a speed which is more than expected which will help us grow at a pace higher than the Indian market, in turn offer products acceptable in International markets, thereby contemporary technology and quality.


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