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S Madhan Murali, National Head- Sales & After Sales Market, Sunbeam Infra Equipments,


We are amongst the select companies in Concrete Equipment space offering the gamut of products from Batching to Mixing to Pumping




Sunbeam Infra Equipments is emerging as an prominent player in the Concrete Equipment Industry with its Transit Mixers, Batching plants, Trailer Pumps, Boom Pumps, Mixer Pumps. The company has a service network across India with trained professionals and availability of parts ensures optimal Mean Time To Repair. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, S.MADHAN MURALI, NATIONAL HEAD – SALES & AFTER SALES MARKET, SUNBEAM INFRA EQUIPMENTS speaks about the RMC equipment market, cutting edge technologies, new launches and a lot more.





Give us an over view on the RMC Equipment market, latest technology trends and market dynamics. What are the RMC equipment currently in demand.


RMC Equipments have been pivotal in the Construction and Infrastructure space as Concrete is an important construction material compound used across various application.

While the core concrete machinery revolves around batching, mixing and pumping; technology updates have come in bringing expansion of capacities, application specific variants, efficiency/productivity improvement, better electronics, digital monitoring and of course user-friendliness.

Referring to the medium and large RMC equipments, the product categories spreads from Batching Plants, SLM, Reversible Mixers, Transit Concrete Mixers, Trailer Pumps and Boom Pumps.



What has been the impact of Covid-19 on your business and what are your strategies to overcome these sluggish market conditions and expand market share.


Of course the pandemic has put a reset button on the business, however it created an opportunity to address improvement points and corrective actions towards Go-to-Market approaches.



Tell us about your product portfolio of RMC equipment. Game changing technology/products developed by your company.


We now have the Product Portfolio that caters to all requirements of Concreting (Batching, Transit Mixing and Pumping).  Batching Plants, Transit Concrete Mixers, Trailer Pumps, Boom Pumps, Mixer Pumps. We expect our Mixer Pumps to be game changing given the 2-in-1 Mix Pump Applications which integrates the role of two machines into one. It will be an ideal equipment for small and medium Infra jobs, Real Estate jobs with the advantage of portability making it accessible for remote sites as well, minimising  labour and maximising productivity.



Cutting edge technology featured in your machines vis – a-vis competition. Give us an understanding of their key features in terms of safety, ease of operating your machines, operator comfort , cost efficiency etc their specific advantages.


Our transit mixers are regarded for its rugged and robust design, ease of maintenance and comfort along with longer life. Now our Transit Mixers with the IoT enabled ‘T-Track’. It is not only about tracking the mixer, but monitoring key operational parameters to ensure product hygiene in a more comprehensive basis. Even our batching plant is supported with differentiating features right from the structure design(Modularized),which ensures faster erection. Also, with respect to the design of the mixer that provides improved mixing efficiency and quality of concrete. We have focused on Automation in providing better experience to Operator & Customer.


Our SS 50 Trailer Pump is feature rich with Hi-Pressure Pumping, Longer Operations, Functional Back-up and friendly on Maintenance.


Our Boom Pumps (in Cooperation with KCP-Korea) have been proven to be the most productive pumps in terms with of the fastest pumping rates along with other distinct features such as ZR-5 Fold for a better and versatile reach, Open-Loop for longer pumping, Simple Hydraulic and Electric Circuits with ease of Operator Use and made to CE Europe Standards.


Our Mixer Pumps as mentioned earlier was precisely introduced to cater to the small and mid size jobs with mixing cum pumping application which is low on labor and high on productivity, versatile and mobile ideal for longer operating hours.



Aftermarket services as a strategic differentiator.


After Market services are core to a equipment manufacturer’s success and customer satisfaction. Our well defined Product Warranties along with our Labor free preventive checks ensures the machines are given proper care and support along with monitoring.


Our Service Network across India with trained professionals and availability of parts ensures optimal Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).



Have you launched or planning to launch any new products. Please provide details.


We are rolling out our 60 m3 Batching Plants (SUN MIX60) that will be offered in multiple variants with distinct features. At the beginning of the year, we introduced Our 8cbm Transit Mixer, 41 Mtr Boom Pump (In Cooperation with KCP-Korea), Diesel Driven Mixer Pump and an improved version of our SS50 Hi-Pressure Trailer Pump. All these have been done keeping in mind in meeting the expectations of our Indian Customer.



What are the trends driving purchase or hire of ready mix concrete equipment market in India? To what extent is consumer behavior influenced by cost?


India is a price sensitive market but demand is very centre to the behavior of the market. Revival of demand along with consistency and availability / access of money / finance and fund flow are the influential factors.



Tell us about the indigenisation efforts undertaken by the company to meet the market requirements? What is the company’s approach to implementing the ‘Make in India’ drive?


We are amongst the select companies in Concrete Equipment space offering the gamut of products from Batching to Mixing to Pumping who are 100% Indian Owned and Operated, ’BRAND INDIA’.



How is the rentals segment in RMC Equipment sector. Do you offer lease/rentals of your equipment?


Rental has its scope and potential to scale up with organized rental players.


We currently do not directly offer Rentals but can organize rentals for end users through our contacts of firms that offer Rental Fleet of equipment.



What kind of government policy will foster growth of the RMC equipment sector?


The Government (combination of center & states) has allocated a lot of projects. But in terms of execution, the fund flow and cash flow is the real challenge along with other execution challenges. Banks are more cautious and tentative in funding and moratoriums have led to delay of funding of new investments. We see the market to recover to pre-pandemic 19-20 levels soon and we expect to see a stable market growth scenario from the mid of the next financial year.


The Indian economy is complex and a big system, so any plans/initiatives take time to hit the ground. The government is also under pressure and will make efforts to get the economy back on track.


Government has to employ a strong process based monitoring and review mechanism to drive the progress, faster actions and address situations periodically and quickly.


Encouraging Private Investments across sectors will be essential to ensure up keep and growth of demand. Construction and its allied Sector is not only a major contributor to GDP but also accounts for a significant share in the jobs market.


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