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Interaction- Anil Banchhor, MD & CEO, RDC Concrete India


                          USP of RDC is the Quality and the Delivery




RDC Concrete (India) Pvt Ltd has emerged as India’s largest non-cement RMC company. It has 49 plants across India clocking annual turnover of over 1000 crores. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, ANIL BANCHHOR, MD & CEO, RDC CONCRETE (INDIA) PVT LTD talks about the trends in the RMC sector, impact of Covid-19, the company’s offerings and outlook for the RMC market in India.







Give us an over view of the current readymix concrete industry, present growth trends and demand-supply gap in the RMC sector in India?


The Current Market is wide open and we as one of the top most Ready Mix concrete companies are growing at a similar pace. Since the Pandemic, the market was slowed down for a quarter, from June onwards we are seeing a growth pattern and now we are 90% back on track. Our volumes are increasing continuously. The demand supply gap in RMC sector is not there. Wherever there is demand, it is fulfilled by RMC players.




What has been the impact of Covid-19 on your business and what are your strategies to overcome these sluggish market conditions and expand market share.


Initially we faced a huge disruption in our raw material supply in many of the locations. We had been provided permissions to work in during the Pandemic in government projects, but getting raw material from our suppliers were difficult due to government approvals, But with the passage of time all these got resolved.


We had a huge impact on our business because of the labour issues in this pandemic. The labour working at the sites started going back to their home town in the starting period of lockdown. Although we were getting orders from Govt dept, but order fulfillment was difficult due to shortage of workers.


After mid-may, workers started coming back to work that helped our business. In the May month we did around 50% of sales during June -July and around 70% in August. We are slowly reaching back to Pre-COVID level.

Similar thing happened in our Distribution dept., our distribution cost jumped in the initial lockdown period but with strategic decisions we tried to control the cost.




In terms of current market dynamics, what will be the new normal for the use of RMC after 2020?


Our market demands presence of manpower in the field, We started working in projects in early May with full precautions to avoid exposure of Covid and necessary trainings were imparted, infrastructures facilities were created. Our employees took utmost care all the time whether they are in plant, home, site? We all know IHB customers still prefers site mix concrete, this requires more manpower, and because of this pandemic we have seen shortage of labour. We have seen trend in past 2-3 months our IHB customers are increasing all over the country. They prefer Ready mix concrete over Site mix. This is a good sign about mechanization and I guess it will be a new normal for the RMC Industry.




Tell us about the RMC products offered by your company. Please share details about your manufacturing units – location, capacities, and investments? In which sectors do you expect demand in the coming years?


We have 49 plants all over the country right from Kolkata in the East to Mumbai in the West, Mohali in the North to Trivandrum in the South. Currently we have 4 projects lined up and many more will come in the coming 6-8months time. We have a mixed product line up starting with Normal concrete from M-05 to M-100 grade. Other than that We have FibreCrete, LiteCrete, TempCrete, ImpreCrete, ProCrete, SelfCrete, NatureCrete etc.



Is India’s construction sector ready for high-end RMC products having niche applications. Which RMC Grades have maximum demand. What are their applications.


Yes Indeed, India’s construction sector is very much ready for high end RMC products. They are ready to pay even premium price for these high end products. FiberCrete is one of our VAS products, We have clients who only want to use this FiberCrete in their high strength structures.


There is no such grade which is having maximum demand but average grade of supply is however M30-M35. High grade concrete is required in High-rise structures, Infrastructure projects etc



Tell us of the new products you have introduced or plan to launch in the near future.


We have launched a very portable solution of doing concrete named RDC Bagcrete which is quite unique in itself. Just imagine the concrete which can be transported without transit mixer, you only have to add water and mix with hand trowel at site. It is going to be game changer in the area where site accessibility is an issue. Also, with this product we have planned to penetrate into repair solution market in the form of high strength grouts and repair mortars.


This product will open up a whole new segment for us and increase our penetration into the market. High strength RDC BagCrete can be used for High rise building Columns Starters, Road Potholes and Individual house repair works.




Please tell us about the Green Virtues of your RMC. How eco friendly are your products.


We have VAS products which are the outcome of a long R&D to make the concrete eco friendly. Our product RDC GreenCrete is designed while keeping sustainability and environment protection in mind. RDC GreenCrete have very low carbon footprint as compared to the conventional concrete. It has positive impact on the environment in 2 ways.


By use of more supplementary materials there is a need of lesser quarrying of limestone


It reduces the heat of hydration and accordingly the carbon footprint of the whole project by a huge amount and paves path for sustainability.


Our another VAS product is RDC NatureCrete, basically it is a low fines concrete solution designed for recharging the groud water table level. Water does not flow over this concrete but percolated into the ground again due to its pervious design, thus reducing the runoff and flooding.



Tell us about the USP’s of your products vis-à-vis your competitors.


USP of RDC is the Quality and the Delivery. Whenever a client places an order they expect the good quality concrete coming to their site on time without any hiccups. We have our motto “We Promise, We Deliver” so we try to deliver the concrete hassle free to client’s site. For that we have made a mobile app for placing concrete order. Clients need to place order on the app one day before the requirement, accordingly the schedule is prepared automatically in the app so that all the pours are scheduled throughout the day(no manual invention needed).



Your company’s focus on R & D and technological innovations.


As one of the top national player we have to keep ourselves updated technically and bring in innovations as well. For this we have a central R&D lab at our Dombivali plant and quality labs at each of our plants all over India. Our dedicated R&D team and technical team are day on day conducting trials and trying developing new mixes for new type of concrete. RDC NatureCrete, RDC BagCrete, RDC GreenCrete, RDC FibreCrete are examples of our R&D.


In our R&D we have found that by using a mineral additive UltraFineTM from Ultrafine Mineral & Admixtures Pvt. Ltd there is enhancement in quality of concrete, the strength, workability of concrete has improved after usage of this mineral additive and it is also giving us savings of approx `100-150/cum.



Major problems faced in maintaining consistency of quality in your RMC products.


The major problems we face in our industry are the variation in quality of Raw materials i.e Aggregate/cement/admx. However we are testing each and every lot of RM received in plants. All quality parameters are tested of RM from each vehicles received.



Future outlook on RMC in India, from industry and from a company perspective.


The future of RMC industry is very bright, We all know that the kind of development we are seeing in country in all the segments like Infra (Expressways, Metro corridors, Bridges etc.) to Commercial (Storage spaces, Warehouses), Residential (Boom in residential sector) small apartments.


Government has initiated this new scheme called Atmanirbhar Bharat, Many new projects will be started under this scheme and this all will be fruitful for RMC industry. As a company also we are seeing a good and profitable future, with the increase in concrete demand we have planned to come up with new plants. We are targeting 100 plants PAN India till 2022.


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