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HAMM Compactors Achieve Top Performances


Fleet Of HAMM Compactors Contribute To Build Komaravelli Mallana Sagar Reservoir



The Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project is a gigantic irrigation project around the Godavari River in the state of Telangana. The aim is to supply this region, which has been extremely short of water for years, with a reliable source of drinking water and water for agricultural purposes. The work to build the holdingponds and the waterways between them has been running since 2018.


The essential feature here is compaction of the substructure of the waterways and the dams. It was for precisely this purpose that HAMM compactors were used for part of the project along the Komaravelli Mallana Sagar dam.



34 HAMM Compactors Achieve Top Performances


34 HAMM machines of the 300 series were inaction during construction of the Sri Komaravelli Mallanna Sagar Reservoir, compacting layer upon layer of different


construction materials: soil, murrum soil and black cotton soil. The large number of machines is explained by the scale ofthe construction project – the reservoir dam is approximately 400 m wide at the base and is still8 m at the very top. To complete the outer skin ofthe dam, compactors had to cope with an incline of approximately 36%, whilst compacting at thesame time.The 311D compactors from HAMM were convincing products in this situation, as their drum drivegives them an impressive ability to climb.



HAMM 311D: A Reliable Powerhouse


The engine with a rated output of 74 kW (100 hp) supplies the HAMM 311D with


plenty of power to ensure a sustainable, stable amplitude output when compacting such steep slopes. Its staticlinear load of 30 kg/cm is every bit as impressiveas its centrifugal force of 240 kN. This power leads to good compaction performance.



HAMM 311D: Outstanding Working Safety


Working with construction machines on a slope exceeding 35% involves potential safety risks including roll over or slipping which may injure machine operators and other workers on the job site. So it was lucky for everyone that the HAMM 311D


offers a high level of safety because it can be fully self-locked by braking. This eliminates the phenomenon of slipping on the slope and thus avoids potential safety hazards.



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