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Interaction- Devarajan Chinnusamy, CMD, TACTIVE Softwae Systems


TACTIVE can be one of the best solutions for managing the operations online and offline




Tactive – Web and mobile based construction management software for builders, contractors, EPC and MEP companies help complete projects on time and within budget. Developed by experts from the construction and infrastructure industry and promoted by a construction conglomerate with over 60 years of operational expertise in various segments like Civil Engineering, Industrial Projects, EPC, Road & Rail, Housing and Public Infrastructure. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, DEVARAJAN CHINNUSAMY, CMD, TACTIVE SOFTWARE SYSTEMS speaks on the  CPM software industry, impact of Covid-19 on business, USP’s of his company’s products and a lot more





Briefly give us an overview of the CONSTRUCTION & PROJECT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE industry, the latest technology trends and the business drivers?


Digitisation has taken over all industries. According to a recent study by McKinsey, construction is the second least digitised industry after agriculture. The recent COVID situation has increased the demand for getting information from project sites and regional offices without having to travel to the said locations. Construction project management software such as TACTIVE, has always been and will be of immense help to the owners, planning heads, project managers and department heads of any construction company.


Web and mobile adoption across societies has pushed people to favor digital tools over any other for collaboration between site to regional and head offices and this has helped people to overcome the fear of ERP or other such software adoption. With mobile apps for DPR and labor outturn entries, any construction project leader would stand to benefit by adopting construction ERP tools such as Tactive.



What has been the impact of Covid-19 on your business and what are your strategies to overcome these sluggish market conditions and expand market share?


The impact has been a mixed bag of both positive and negative outcomes. The restriction on manual travel has made the companies steer away from conventional strategies and towards digitisation which has brought them to ERP. A paradigm shift in the interest towards ERP has been registered. The companies are now leaning towards an ‘All Digital Market Presence’ which has provided our business with a conducive thriving ground for consistent growth and development.


Recently we have acquired a client for our “contract labour manpower supply software” where we are doing the implementation of the product completely remotely.


Although the product is on premise, considering the COVID situation, we are moving everything online and remote. This has come as a strong supportive point for the existing construction companies, when our clients decided to adopt work from home for the information communication, reviewing the performance, addressing the client requirements, making payment disbursement to labourers and vendors and look for further improvements like lean practice and digitisation.




Tell us about the solutions and services offered by your firm in the Construction and Project Management space? Briefly talk about your main software solution, its applicability to various areas of construction, infrastructure and real estate, and its advantage to users?


The new normal by digitising the industry, particularly the Construction Activities is still a major challenge because in India, and across the globe, the operational processes are yet to be standardised. Each company has its own processes, practices and culture. To crown it all, the clients who are the project owners or implementing agencies do have their own individual systems and expectations.


For sustainable construction process management, these procedures have to be correctly mapped in any ERP software. TACTIVE has been designed in a way where all the processes, approval levels and access levels can be configured and there is no specific need to customise according to the client in the code base.


In such an industry, TACTIVE as a solution provider has done a deep study and understood the very fabric of the nature of business and its associated adversaries from its association with its parent entity, URC Constructions. On top of this NCC, the 2nd largest infra company in India is a proud client of TACTIVE for almost eleven years. This is proof enough for the product’s potency to handle large construction operations.


Basically, if a company is able to capture all its operations data and is able to store and analyse it for decision making, then the new normal i.e. digitisation can become a natural process. For all these things the company should be driven by declared procedure, process and should follow the compliances properly. It is only then TACTIVE can be one of the best solutions for managing the operations online and offline.


Many construction and contracting companies across India and the Middle East have been using Tactive. Our parent entity also uses the software developed and provided by TACTIVE Software solutions for the past 10 years. This helps project managers and quantity surveyors to “see” the site from the office. Once data entry for daily progress and daily labor output is entered, the PMs and management are able to make sure projects are on track and within profitability levels.




What are the USP’s of your products Vis-à-vis competition?


  • Scalable for mega sized projects, large number of sites or employees
  • Gives Visibility & Control to Owners on critical data regarding projects & the company
  • Designed specifically for Contractors, Builders, EPC and MEP Companies
  • Predictable pricing based on number of users accessing the software
  • Tested and proven performance for major companies in the industry
  • JCR (Job Cost Report) for each project based on zero-cost budgets
  • Multi currency, Multi language and multi country operations flexibility.
  • Project wise budgeting and profitability tracking
  • Parent entity is a construction giant. So adequate on hand and real time natural scenario exposure.



Are you launching any new products? And what are their advantages?


Product Name: Tactive WFM ( Workforce Management)


Tactive workforce Management Software helps companies to manage contract labor and contingent workforce. Manpower supply companies and labour intensive industries use Tactive WFM software to do workforce planning and scheduling, manage camps, vehicles and inventory.



  • Inventory Management
  • Integrated Finance Module
  • HR & Payroll Management
  • Planning & Scheduling Management
  • Mobile & Web based platform
  • Camps and Vehicles
  • Available of cloud and mobile for own or contract workforce


In short it’s an integrated WFM solution for labour intensive industries and contract workforce companies with all amenities such as Custom Dashboard & Analytics, Data capture from external devices - Biometrics, NFC, etc under one digital roof for better and sustainable ergonomic purposes.



Which are the important projects with which your software has been associated and name your major clients? Tell us of the role played by your software in bringing down time cost and time overruns in projects with examples of some projects?


  • Some of the important companies we have worked with are Gulf Asia LLC, Nagarjuna Construction Company International LLC, Airolink Building Contracting LLC, GMS Builders, Hajee AP Bava and many others.
  • Our system handles Projects such as Metro Rail Projects, Civil Stadiums, Hospitals, National Highways and Infrastructure projects, etc.
  • Tactive has helped clients increase their bottomline by 2-3% in many cases as wastages and pilferages in the system are controlled in terms of material, idle manpower or machinery.
  • With respect to overheads control on a site level or regional level, Tactive helps owners to track and allocate them as per activity or size of the project.
  • JCR reports for projects help in projecting overheads addition for each project level.




What are the business opportunities being sought by your company in construction/ infrastructure and real estate space and the strategies to market your products?


We look forward to working with the construction and contracting companies in India, Middle East and Far East nations where the process of construction is similar. Also we serve :


  • PMC (Project Management Consultants)
  • MEP & EPC Projects builders
  • POC (Proof of Concept) - where we provide a sample service in just one specific project of the client’s company to simulate the effects of our product being implemented all throughout the operations and show them reports of site.




Could you talk of the challenges associated with convincing clients of the efficacy and profitability of software solutions and services offered by firms such as yours?


We have faced no challenges in convincing clients on any front due to our product strength and capability of our company. The challenges, if any, may arise only from the end user where digital adoption is always fraught with fear by the end users and the eventual cultural changes that accompany the adopting company.




Please provide details on your emphasis on research, design and innovation?


BIM - (Building Information Modelling) is a means of better understanding and executing the plan, designing, construction, and managing buildings and infrastructure for which the R&D is currently on going at full steam ahead. Once completed our roadmap will have strong capability to integrate with any kind of a BIM or quantity takeoff software. We also plan to provide a free mobile app version of Tactive to all users to take advantage of collaboration from site and office users.




Future outlook for the industry and from a company’s perspective?


As stated earlier, the penetration of digitalisation in the construction sector is at an abysmal low when compared with other strategic sectors of the economy. It would be in the best interest of all stakeholders to act at the earliest at the existing conundrum on hand to make a sustainable living and reap the benefits of the vibrant construction industry. Tactive with its existing infrastructure, services rendered and products delivered has taken the first step towards reviving the construction industry and making it accessible for all participants with the sole objective of providing a level playing field.


Tactive strives to establish its presence beyond the borders of India and looks forward to working with major MNCs, Foreign govts, Consultancies and other Agencies to list a few. Tactive has already transcended the borders of India by undertaking projects in the


Middle East and seeks to push its limits across Countries that are Far East where technological inclusion, especially in the construction sector is picking pace.


The industry in general looks bright and optimistic despite COVID since all growing countries have increased their spending on infrastructure investments. When there is a government push towards public infrastructure, that in turn puts money in the hands of the labourers, mining, machinery, funding agencies and professionals, it eventually snowballs into a holistic and sustainable economic growth.



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