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Interaction- Rajeshwar Singh, MD, GHH India


We ensure the machines are available 24x7 till the project is completed



German tunneling equipment conglomerate GHH Fahrzeuge  develops and manufactures loaders, dumpers, miners, mixers and drills, is part of the global Schmidt-Kranz Group that supplies a full range of mining machines, treatment plant and automation equipment for mines. The company been promoting its solutions successfully in the Indian mining industry and is now eyeing India’s growing tunneling sector. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, RAJESHWAR SINGH, MD, GHH India  speaks on the latest trends in the shotcreting industry, his companies product’s competitive edge and a lot more





Give us an overview of the Shotcreting industry in India, latest trends and market dynamics?


Shotcrete/Sprayed Concrete is a specialty concrete that is projected at a high velocity on the construction surface through a sealed and pressure-resistant hose. Application of shotcrete -sprayed concrete is based on a flexible and economical technique. The concrete mix is blown from a spraying nozzle onto the construction surface. It stabilizes and supports structures in concrete applications without the use of any moulds.


Underground construction is the largest application of the shotcrete/sprayed concrete market, followed by water retaining structures, repair works, protective coatings, and others (free formed structures and new constructions). Growth in underground construction is primarily driven by increasing urbanization, fast growing economic development, and underground transportation, hilly areas, etc.


The main driver for increasing shotcrete industry is the focus by Govt of India investing in the Road Infrastructure in making all weather access roads adjoining the borders running through the hilly terrain. The Rail Infrastructure is also one of the key focus areas to connect all the capital city of North eastern States which was not accessible by Rail till now. The other hilly state of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu &Kashmir, Ladakh will have a huge requirement for shotcrete in the coming years.


We see a huge potential for shotcrete machine with a vertical reach height of 12 meter and above in the coming years.



Tell us about the range of Shotcreting equipment offered by you, in terms of types, capacities and applications?


We offer various models in the Indian Market


  • Wet shotcrete-IS 21, IS 26, BIS 20, IS 5
  • Dry shotcrete-BKS 9

In terms of Capacity and application

  • IS 20 is 34 M³/H with Robotic arm Max. reach vertically @ 10 Meter
  • IS 26 is 34 M³/H with Robotic arm Max reach vertically @ 14 Meter
  • IS 5 is manual spray machine with 10 M³/H
  • BIS 20 is 34 M³/H with Robotic arm Max. reach vertically @ 8.5 Meter
  • BKS 9 is 9 M³/H with Robotic arm Max. reach vertically @ 8.5 Meter



Cutting edge technology featured in your machines. What distinguishes your equipment from competitors?


  • Safety is a concern to our company when working in Underground projects such as Road, Railway and Hydro- electric Projects. As such our operator cabin has a 180 deg pivoting operator seat with ROPS/FOPS Level 2 certified .
  • Computerized proportional dosing system
  • PLC Monitor for concrete and dosing system.
  • Continuously improve their processes, increase safety, productivity and improve the sustainability of their operations with our tunneling partners.



Are you launching any new products or any new variants in the near future?


We have launched our imported machine manufactured in Turkey beginning of year 2020. The response of its performance has been very encouraging and would wait for a year or two before we launch any new variants for construction market in India.



Aftermarket services as a strategic differentiator?


As a company policy, we prefer to be very close to the project and ensure the machines are available 24x7 till the project is completed.



Which sectors are major demand drivers for your products.Tell us about some major projects where your products have been used?


Underground Road & Railway Tunneling project are the major demand drivers for our products. Presently, our shotcrete machine are working at Mumbai-Nashik Road Tunnel project, RVNL Project (Near Ranchi) and IRCON Rail project in the state of J&K.



Your strategy to play in a price sensitive market?


Operational cost of the machine and with after sales support close to site is the only way to be competitive in the price sensitive market.



Are you tied up with any equipment financing companies to help potential buyers with equipment purchases?


We do have an attractive leasing/financing option with few financing companies for Potential customers.



Your outlook for the rentals market.


There is good opportunity in the rental of shotcrete machine. Presently, we are gearing up to establish our product and after sales support close to projects. We could plan to enter into the rental business after 2-3 years.




Future outlook from the industry perspective and company?


With the Government focus on all weather access roads to remote areas adjoining the border and laying of railway tracks in the states of North East, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, and J&K has a huge requirement for Tunneling Equipment and good opportunity . This benefits our company as well as the tunneling industry with our right offered products. Right time to be in India with huge tunneling activities in the coming years.

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