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Interaction- VG Sakthikumar, MD, Schwing Stetter India


The key features / USPs in our products have contributed in strengthening and maintaining our stronghold in the market




Schwing Stetter India offers a wide range of construction equipment and is a major player in India’s infrastructure development. In an exclusive interview with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, V.G.Sakthikumar, MD, Schwing Stetter India Private Limited, Member of governing council, ICEMA, Chairman of Mechanisation committee, Builders Association of India shares about the market trends in shotcreting equipment, the company’s offerings, impact of consumer behavior and more.





Give us an overview of the shotcreting industry in India, latest trends and market dynamics.


Shotcreting industry is poised to reach over US$7.7 Billion by the year 2025 globally. Automation in shotcreting process helps with safety, productivity thus saving time and cost.



Tell us about the range of shotcreting equipment offered by you, in terms of types, capacities and applications.


Schwing shotcrete pump ranges are TSR 30.14, TSM 30.14, TSM 20.8 and BPN 300 RE. Schwing shotcrete pump TSR 30.14 universal shotcrete machine is driven by a diesel engine, equipped with a shotcrete pump and a telescopic boom for concrete spraying. The shotcrete pump has the ability to deliver 33 m3 / hr of concrete at 59 bar. The telescopic boom is extendable up to 14m. The boom can rotate 270° about y-axis. Both the pump and boom are driven by an electrical motor. Emergency operation of boom is carried out by a separate geared pump driven by vehicle’s diesel engine. Spraying head consists of three hydraulic motors.


Two hydraulic swivelling motors are for adjusting the nozzle rotation and one hydraulic revolving motor is for the nozzle oscillation. Power-controlled hydrostatic drive unit is with variable pump mounted directly to the diesel engine. Power to both axles is transmitted by means of hydrostatic variable motor via transfer case. Steering of vehicle is switchable to four-wheel steering, front-axle steering and crab steering. Open drivers stand equipped with ROPS / FOPS shelter. The vehicle can be driven in both directions by rotating the stand to 180°. Hydraulically driven water pump of 200 bar is used for cleaning purpose. It is also equipped with a piston type dosing pump.


Schwing shotcrete pump TSM 30.14 is a universal shotcrete machine mounted on a truck chassis, equipped with a shotcrete pump and telescopic boom. The pump kit and boom used here is same as that of TSR 30.14. Schwing shotcrete pump TSM 20.8 is a space optimized shotcrete machine with 8M boom on truck with foldable 2 section boom coupled with rotatable horizontal axis making it versatile and easy to use in tough shotcreting jobs. Curved profile of the tunnel can be followed in single joystick movement on the remote control unit. This small but powerful boom is suitable for tunnel size starting from 5m to 16m. Schwing shotcrete pump BPN 300 RE was developed particularly for the top shot wet spraying procedure for demanding use in the tunnel construction. By switching a valve, Schwing shotcrete pump BPN 300 RE works alternatively as a wet spraying unit or as a concrete pump. The concrete pump kit BPN 300 RE is hydraulically driven with 37 kw electric motor, has an oil cooler and micro-fine filter. It also comes with a metering device for dozing operation, which synchronizes with concrete pumping. For connecting the nozzle, the concrete outlet pipe comes with a reducer from DN125 to 65mm. The pump is mounted on a towing type chassis with axle, spring and tyres.



Cutting edge technology featured in your machines. What distinguishes your equipment from competitors.


Schwing IoTIn, Schwing IoT Ready, Schwing IoT abled, Schwing dashboard for batching plants, Schwing Stetter India gateway device, hitech weighing system, Schwing smartrack and Stetter concrete transit mixer with mobile app are installed across our entire range of equipment. The key features / USPs that have contributed in strengthening and maintaining our stronghold in the market are listed below:


  • Lowest operating cost.
  • Lowest fuel consumption.
  • Strong service network.
  • Anywhere parts support.
  • Largest no of service centres in India.
  • Strong design capability and product innovation in India.
  • World class customer training support.
  • Portability, interchangeability, versatility, operating efficiency are standard features across all models.

Along with high productivity are the key features of all our equipment that solely drives on longevity.


Our equipment is designed to consume less fuel, operates with low decibel levels, safer to operate, consumes less parts and has a very long service life which makes our equipment, a favourite among our customers.



Are you launching any new products or any new variants in the near future.


We added 27 new products as of last year. It is an ongoing process and we will be adding more as per the requirements of our customers in different segments.



Aftermarket services as a strategic differentiator.


Schwing Stetter India provides after sales service and spares from its branches located across the country through its 32 spares stores and 10 service centers. Our well trained 450 resident service engineers are available near jobsite clusters at Hubli, Trichy, Madurai, Nellore, Goa, Nasik, Bhopal, Jabalpur, Siliguri, Uttarakhand, Rajkot, Dahej and many more. The service centre located in different strategic locations also offers services like overhauling of all range of equipment from minor to major, periodic maintenance, conversion, mounting, insurance handling, retro fitment, repainting of equipment and much more.


Our company also offers annual maintenance contract, operation & maintenance packages, turnkey projects, re-erection and commissioning of batching plant. We also buy back old machines, upgrade them and resell with limited warranty; these used machines are also sold to new upcoming customers.




Which sectors are major demand drivers for your products. Tell us about some major projects where your products have been used.


Tunnels in roadways, railways, power, irrigation, metro, mines are the major demand drivers for shotcreting machines. The widespread applications also include excavation stabilisation in tunneling, sealing works in underground construction, trenching stabilization, tunnel and underground chamber lining, slope stabilization, stabilisation in mine and gallery, protective lining construction, wearing courses,concrete repair, special lightweight load-bearing (concrete replacement and strengthening) structures,restoration of historic buildings and creative applications (stone structures). Jammu - Udhampur - Srinagar - Baramulla Rail Link Project (JUSBRL) is one project where twelve shotcreting machines are being used.



Your strategy to play in a price sensitive market.


Every customer is sensitive about cost of the equipment. But however, they are aware that good equipment performance comes from quality product and approach of the company in supporting the customers. Today, the customer realize that the lowest paid product is no guarantee to meet the performance parameter spare parts and service demand after the warranty period. Customers want more reliability and accuracy.



Are you tied up with any equipment financing companies to help potential buyers with equipment purchases?


Most of the finance companies has rated our product as class one. Therefore, we enjoy higher percentage of loan sanctioned for our equipment.



Your outlook for the rentals market.


Rental market in India getting prominence and large contractors prefers rental operation than owning equipment. We would work with our customers and make commercial packages supporting rental market.



Future outlook from the industry perspective and company?


We have on ongoing production facility being constructed at Cheyyar in Thiruvannamalai with an investment of 230 crores with 63620 sq.m build up area in 51.77 acres’ land.


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