07 June 2020

Interaction - Sundaram S Iyer, MD, Oli Vibrators India Pvt Ltd

OLI has been credited as a global leader

Backed by around 5 decades of experience of its parent company, OLI S.p.A., of Italy, OLI Vibrators India Pvt. Ltd., was set up in 2015 as a wholly owned subsidiary of OLI SpA. Oli India has emerged as a major component and assembly supplier to CSE OEMs in India. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, SUNDARAM .S. IYER, MANAGING DIRECTOR, OLI VIBRATORS INDIA PVT LTD. elaborates on their product line and their USPs.



Could you brief us on your product offerings to the CSE equipment industry and their applications.

We are offering all kinds of electric vibrating motors suitable for any applications in the CSE industry; such as mobile and stationary crushing plants, vibrating screens for scalping down to fine screening purpose, vibrating feeders such as grizzlies, and dewatering screens including desanders and desilters, etc. We fulfil applications demand in CSE Industry with a complete range of products: Electric foot mounted vibrating motors (in 2; 4; 6 and 8 poles) up to 26,000 kg of centrifugal force; and Electric flanged mounted vibrating motors in 6 and 8 poles up to 12500 kg of centrifugal force.




Tell us of the new products you intend to introduce, and the geographical markets where you are planning to launch them in.

Since we are basically covering all needs for vibratory applications, it’s hard to pick-up just few new products that can be beneficial to the Indian market. Our strength is to put at our customer disposal the knowledge we have in the Vibration Techonolgy and suggest the best option among a plethora of alternatives. We are speaking our local customer language and we are basically a PAN India supplier and we expect to push our products in all the geographical markets located in India including niche markets




Tell us about the USP’s of your products vis-à-vis your competitors.

Our Products carry the following USP’s.

  • Undisputed customer service - OLI India Pvt Ltd is the only entity in the market that belongs directly to OLI Group, largest producer in the world of vibrators. We are in India with permanent and stable local organization to serve our customers directly, without any middle-representatives.
  • We keep the largest local stock in order to promptly serve our clients
  • Stringent quality measures
  • Grease for life – means absolute maintenance free of our motors
  • Longetivity of our motors is very high.
  • Good Pre-sales and After-sales service.




Your company’s focus on technological innovations and strategies to market your firm’s product and post sale services.

OLI has been credited as a global leader in vibration technology and in the vibration industry. OLI engages itself continuously in the Research and Development activities by bringing innovative ideas in the vibration industry. The ongoing improvements in our products bring immediate and concrete advantages for our customers in terms of increased efficiency and diminished total Cost of Ownership. We give Guarantee/ Warranty of one year from the date of supply although the products work without any defects for many years.

We have received very minimal complaints in the past and this is the testimony for the quality of our products. Our products are available in all ranges and at the most competitive prices




Tell us about your manufacturing base, its location, current capacities, investments and planned upgrades.

Our manufacturing centers are located at: Italy; Malta; and China. Production capacities vary at each centre, but add up to an annual quantity of over 250,000 electric vibrators, and over 100,000 pneumatic vibrators. Every day more than 1500 OLI Vibrators are installed worldwide. We are upgrading the quality of our motors based on the customer needs.




Future outlook for the industry and from a company perspective.

The future outlook of the industry appears to be good as policies of the Indian Government encourage foreign Investments in India, besides the initiative of MAKE IN INDIA program. We believe the rowth prospects of our industry are bright and expect a CAGR of 7 per cent to 8 per cent annualised.

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