07 June 2020

Interaction - Ashoktaru Chattopadhyay, Business Head-Crushing & Screening, Sandvik Mining & Rock Technology

We deliver what we commit


A leading company in the CSE space, Swedish major Sandvik has been playing in the Indian market for several decades. It has always developed customer centric machines in the CSE space. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNTIES, ASHOKTARU CHATTOPADHYAY, BUSINESS HEAD - CRUSHING & SCREENING, SANDVIK MINING AND ROCK TECHNOLOGY, talks about his company’s products and discusses the Indian market.



Tell us about the range of CSE products offered by your company, in terms of types and capacities.


Sandvik’s CSE is engineered for maximum productivity for all types of commodities and applications. We offer advanced, proven solutions for any size-reduction and classification challenges - whether it be stationary or mobile. Our comprehensive plant solution of various ranges -- starting from 200 TPH up to 500 TPH, is highly popular and well accepted in the market. We can upgrade existing plants, provide complete solutions, and deliver turn-key installations. We also supply individual crushers and screens, as well as key components, and a wide range of consumables. We offer jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers (HSI and VSI), roll crushers, hammer mills, and primary gyratory crushers, together with a wide range of screens and feeders for applications such as quarrying, mining, and aggregate production, which are suitable for each requirement and can be customized as per customers’ needs.




Cutting edge technology featured in your machines. What distinguishes your machines from competitors.


Sandvik has always been synonymous with high quality and reliable equipment. We deliver what we commit. Excellent technical solution combined with high speed delivery is one of the biggest strength of ours. The focussed solution with reduced cost per ton of production really gives us an edge. We understand that the future is going to be automation in mining and Sandvik has crushers featuring the latest generation of automation, thereby making the products safer and maximizing their utilization.

Our focus has always been to create the right product and service packages which help our customers to maximise their business performance, be it productivity, cost efficiency, or profitability. Our partnership concept basically means that our customers will always find us available to discuss their challenges and opportunities. What can be improved? How can we reduce downtime? How can we optimize uptime? Do the operators need more training? Where can we further lower cost or increase output? We can analyze the problems together and refer them to dedicated specialists. This approach will lead to improved productivity, lower cost, and better profitability.




Key features in terms of ease of operating your machines, cost efficiency etc their specific advantages.


Our VSI crusher can produce 100 per cent down -2.36 mm sand known as plaster sand, which is high quality product. Our HSI can crush 1000 mm to 100 mm in single stage in coal, we have successfully commissioned such plants. Our HIS, also known as Prisec, has a unique patented feature which means the primary crusher can be converted to secondary within 3-4 hours on-site. The industry is getting more focused towards fine quality aggregate which can reduce cement consumption. This means the aggregates should have right gradation and shape. Even from production point of view the trend of 200 tph plant is shifting towards 300 tph plants, as major requirement is of 0-20 mm. We are proud to say that Sandvik machines are a pioneer in producing best quality sand. One of the largest sand manufacturers in India is using Sandvik’s CH 550 crushers and has cited significant improvement is productivity. Our crusher control systems ensure you get the best from you crusher. Sandvik has a unique remote machine monitoring technology called SanRemo. This system enables you to see the productivity, performance, and maintenance data, as well as the location of the machines in your fleet. We also have ASRi system (Automated Setting Regulation - "i" stands for "intelligent"), which not only helps you to monitor operations, but over time enables you to become so familiar with your crusher equipment that you can truly optimize usage while protecting it from damage and maximizing uptime. Most of our large customers from bigger cities like Mumbai and Delhi are using both these technologies. We would also like to add that one of the largest metal mining customers in India is currently using one of Sandvik’s crushers and have also recorded 20 per cent increase in productivity through our machine.




Aftermarket services as a strategic differentiator.


At Sandvik, maintaining our machines is the most important aspect of the machine lifecycle and an important buying decision for customers. Our service commitment urges us to go beyond a ‘parts and service supplier’ and become productivity partners for our customers. We provide round-the-clock service support at all major sites by deploying a team of skilled on-site service engineers. We have various types of maintenance programs depending on the type of the equipment and customer’s requirement. Through our aftermarket support and genuine spares and wear parts offering, we are able to keep our customers’ equipment up and running, and operating at optimum performance. Our parts and service team strives to deliver the best service possible. Our aim is to maximize the uptime of our customer's equipment.




Do you offer equipment finance or do you have tie-ups with finance companies for the same.


Sandvik Credit can offer finance to strategic customers/partners for long and collaborative business propositions. Additionally, we work with many major banking and non-banking organisations to leverage upon this growing requirement and support our customers for their financing needs.




Your strategy to play in a price sensitive market.


We believe that Customer focus and Innovation is the key to sustain and grow in today’s challenging as well as price conscious market. We work extensively to develop a deep understanding of customer needs and develop solutions accordingly. These include improving productivity, safety, product lifetime, and reduce cost of ownership. We strongly believe in value selling as we have offerings that improve total lifecycle cost and productivity of operations. Our products are backed by a robust and competent aftermarket team who keep the crushers healthy and enable them perform to the best of their abilities. Having said, we also ensure that our products are cost effective vis-à-vis the value delivered.




Your outlook for the rentals market.


Sandvik Crushers and Screens being process oriented and tailor-made for specific applications and customer needs, used for long duration projects, do not qualify for rental needs as our customers want the equipment as their capital asset.



Are you practicing ‘Make in India and sell globally,’ using India as a manufacturing hub to export to emerging markets in Asia, Africa, Latin America etc.


We have been manufacturing in India even before the “Make in India” campaign was introduced. Sandvik is one of the first Swedish companies to establish a base in India since 1960, when the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, visited Sandviken and invited Sandvik to start operations in India. Pune being the headquarters in India, we have a state-of-the-art assembly centre for equipment here which caters to customers both in India and globally.




Which sectors are major demand drivers for your products.


The Indian CSE market is among the most progressive emerging markets in the world and has seen rapid growth in recent times. This market is dominated by infrastructure development segment which normally caters to infrastructure projects like national highways, expressways, urban infrastructure, airports, railway ballast, dams, etc. We are also witnessing tremendous growth in the road sector as well as commercial crushing catering to affordable housing, rail, metro, as well as airports. We are also proud to say that Sandvik machines are a pioneer in producing best quality sand. In the mining sector, coal crushing for power projects, as well as expansion projects in Zinc and Silver are major users of our crushing product range.




Future outlook for the CSE industry and from a company perspective


The infrastructure segment in India continues to see a surge in investments and the spending is expected to be about 10 per cent of the GDP during the 12th Five-Year Plan (2012–17), up from 7.6 per cent during the previous Plan period. Therefore, we expect the market for CSE to grow proportionately. On the other hand the sand manufacturing industry is also gaining greater attention in the infrastructure segment as a sustainable business. Though still at a very nascent stage, we foresee a lot of potential in this area. Our outlook is thus positive, and we are prepared to cater to the growing market in all aspects.

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