07 June 2020

Iinteraction - Mahesh Bhanushali, MD, MCON Rasayan Pvt Ltd

Supplied Floor Hardeners to more than 100 mega projects


A global player of repute, MCON RASAYAN manufactures construction chemicals and materials across the spectrum, which includes industrial floorings. It has a state-of-the-art fully equipped manufacturing facility. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, MAHESH BHANUSHALI, MANAGING DIRECTOR, MCON RASAYAN PVT. LTD, laments lack of product awareness in the Indian market and talks about how they are disseminating awareness by conducting customer seminars.



Briefly offer your assessment on the industrial flooring market in India in terms of volume and value.


Flooring is an integral part of residential and commercial construction structures. It holds significance in applications across residential houses, commercial institutions (workplace, hospitals, shopping malls), transport infrastructure (railways, airports), and manufacturing facilities.

The product is majorly used in the industry to offer superior resistance from harsh climatic conditions, wear & tear, and abrasions. In addition, the global flooring market size is likely to witness promising gains close to 6 per cent CAGR from 2017 to 2024, which shall positively impact on the concrete floor hardeners & abrasion resistant floor coatings market size in the coming years.




Tell us about the various types of industrial floorings offered by your company, in terms of types and applications.


We at MCON Rasayan Pvt. Ltd. have been into the business of Construction Chemicals, Industrial Flooring products, and Decorative Products, since last one decade. The major products in the Industrial flooring segment offered by us are:

  • Metallic and Non metallic Dry Shake Concrete Floor Hardeners
  • Liquid Floor Hardeners
  • Hybrid Epoxy coatings for decorative and protective purpose
  • Concrete and Coating Sealers




Cutting edge technologies featured in your products. What distinguishes your products from competitors.


We have supplied our Floor Hardeners to more than 100 mega residential projects in Mumbai and Pune. The major use of Floor Hardeners in this segment is in the Parking, Basement, and Podium, areas where the concrete is expected to have vehicular movement. The Metallic and Non Metallic Floor Hardeners of MCON Rasayan ensure that the floor hardness of the concrete floor goes to the MHO scale of 8 ensuring high Abrasion resistance.

MCON Rasayan Floor Hardeners – Colored, have been widely used in the automobile industries for improving the wear and tear resistance of the floor and also marking various areas as per the Color Code.

Also the Liquid floor hardeners are helpful as they seal concrete with a unique and unmatched catalytic chemistry, makes concrete abrasion resistant, and also completely dustproof the surface, thus substantially reducing maintenance costs and protects sensitive equipment and manufactured products from dust particles.



What are the demand trends driving the market for industrial flooring products in India.


The major demand in current scenario is for Floor Hardeners in the Residential and Commercial segment as the same are being used for Tremix flooring of the parking lots and podiums. Manufacturing has emerged as one of the high growth sectors in India., Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, had launched the ‘Make in India’ program to place India on the world map as a manufacturing hub and give global recognition to the Indian economy. India is expected to become the fifth largest manufacturing country in the world by the end of year 2020.

This will raise the market for Epoxy coatings and the liquid floor hardeners which are gaining acceptance, especially to maintain deteriorating concrete floors.




What is the average lifecycle and ease of maintenance of your flooring products.


The Tremix flooring done with our Floor hardeners have a life of more than 10 years. The major maintenance in this kind of floorings is the cracks developed in the concrete if proper construction joints are not cut at proper distance.  In the Epoxy coatings the lifecycle is of 3 to 5 years depending on the system adopted. After 3 years period based, on the condition of the floor, you can either overcoat it with sealer coat or re-coat it with Epoxy coating.




Any new product launches from your company, their unique features.


We are now coming up with Self Leveling Cementitious floors. These floors are beneficial for fast self leveling applications. These floors being cement based are cost effective and easy to apply. Also the surface preparation is not as rigid as the Epoxy Self leveling floors. These floor systems if coated with our Epoxy Coatings will give the same effect and efficiency as the Self Leveling Epoxy floors with higher life. You can have thicknesses ranging from 5 mm to 15 mm in this kind of floors, which is not possible in Epoxy Self Leveling.




Impact of GST on your products.


GST has given a positive impetus to our industry. It has ensured a level playing field for all across the nation. MCON Rasayan has been a well organized player and hence when it comes to price war, the local players could take an advantage in the past by skipping a few duties. But with GST coming in, we can compete with the Multinationals and the local players equally.




Major challenges faced by the industrial flooring market in India.


The AWARENESS is the major challenge. The Industrial flooring market is not well organized and also the awareness level of the Consumer i.e. the Industrialist is not very high. Hence new innovations in Industrial flooring takes ages to get accepted at all levels.




Your strategy to play in a price sensitive market.


Customer Experience plays a major role in today’s market. Today all products and their pricing is at the same levels for all players. What matters is the consistent quality you can give and prompt service that you can cater to your Customer. We have strengthened our internal systems to ensure just that.

Our Quality Control department ensures that every product that leaves our manufacturing unit has been thoroughly tested on all parameters. It’s a 360° approach which starts from Vendors and ends at logistics and packing.

We have our Customer Care Department to handle customer inquiries and also to send them product information bulletin at regular intervals. We also conduct Shop meets and Seminars to spread awareness about construction chemicals, waterproofing products and other ready-mix products.




Tell us about the new growth areas identified by the company to strengthen business operations this year.


We have been a retail driven company so far and today more than 300 Dealers and Retailers in Mumbai alone are selling MCON products. The major areas that we have identified for our 3 year expansion program are geographical expansion in the southern states of Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, and Kerala. Exports to the neighboring countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE etc. We are also developing some special products based on the Architects and Repair Consultant’s feedback which will make their work speedy, reliable and also affordable.




Future outlook for the industry and from your company’s perspective.


India is set to hang onto its status as the world's fastest growing major economy thanks to stronger consumer demand. India doesn't publish national figures on retail sales, but high-frequency indicators such as car sales, retail lending, and goods imports, show consumer spending has roared back to life.With the help of Make in India drive, India is on the path of becoming the hub for hi-tech manufacturing as global giants such as GE, Siemens, HTC, Toshiba, and Boeing, have either set up or are in process of setting up manufacturing plants in India, attracted by India's market of more than a billion consumers and increasing purchasing power.

We are expecting that this will result in Industrial expansions, more Smart Cities, Metro Rails, and of course residential construction. This will help the industrial flooring industry to prosper in days to come.

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