07 June 2020

Pre-Event Report- CII Industrial Floorings

Industrial Floorings: Challenges and Opportunities


Modernisation in every industry has created demand for innovative solutions pertaining to flooring products. Global industrial flooring market is also driven by the growing concern towards improving workplace aesthetics as well. Various manufacturers are taking operational factors into account such as movement and activities taking place within the building premises. Global industrial flooring market is driven by the growth of industrial, commercial and healthcare sectors.  Rising urbanisation and modernisation of industries are the key growth drivers for the global industrial flooring market. In addition, development of innovative construction solutions with the growing demand of sustainable products is a big opportunity for the industrial flooring market. Growing economies such as BRICS nations are expected to be the key driver for the growth of global flooring market in next few years.



Flooring industry is at the rising edge and the designers, developers and users are still to be educated on the accessible technology. There is need provide a common platform for stakeholders of flooring industry to discuss technology, methodology, new materials and testing procedures on various issues related to industry.

As an initiative, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Western region, will provide a common platform for flooring industry and its stakeholders to come together and discuss about the issues faced, latest technology on offer and its application by organising a 2-Day National Flooring Conference, A Technology Conference on Industrial Flooring – Challenges and Opportunities at The Lalit, Mumbai on
12th and 13th September 2017.



Limited shell type stalls would be available for companies who are interested to exhibit their products.


Objectives of Technology Conference

The conference is being organised with following objectives.

  • To bring the stake holders of Construction Industry on common platform
  • To discuss the Standards and Regulations in flooring industry
  • Latest cement, concrete, and mixing technologies
  • Mechanisation of Flooring
  • Alternate materials for reinforcement
  • Various floor coatings and their applications
  • Hygienic Flooring
  • Polishing and Hardening of concrete as a alternate for stones, marbles etc as flooring material
  • Pavements – technology and materials
  • Repair and Rejuvenation of existing floorings
  • Resin Flooring Technologies
  • Green Technology
  • Surface Preparation equipment’s/methodology


Focus Industries

  • Cement Manufacturers
  • RMC Companies
  • Reinforcement and Alternate Materials
  • Concrete Flooring Machine manufacturers
  • Testing Labs
  • Flooring Contractors
  • Resin flooring material manufacturer
  • Pavement Block manufacturers
  • Specific Software development companies in sector
  • Testing & Measuring equipment manufacturers

Civil Engineering personnel from Manufacturing, Steel, Cement, Power, Sugar, and other core sector industries



Since the conference will be focusing on technology of Flooring and Pavement, the target delegates would be from the following segments.

  • Structural and  Civil Designers
  • Architects, Project Managers
  • Project Management Companies
  • CPWD, PWD, and local government bodies
  • Airport Authority, Railways
  • Logistics/ Warehouse Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Developers of large infrastructure projects like Airports, Ports, Large Commercial Complexes, SEZs
  • Colleges
  • Contractor/Applicators/civil Maintenance Professionals


For more details contact:

Email: saurabh.rajurkar@cii.in



Day-I: 12 September 2017

Design and Standards for Flooring Industry

Designing Durable Floors

Understanding of Soil Mechanics

Method of Construction of Sub – Base

Excerpts On The Upcoming Floor Design Guidelines

Engineering, Processes and Materials

Concrete Mixes For Flooring

Qualification And Classification Of Abrasion Resistant Hardener Toppings.

Floor Joints – An Insight On Edge Armouring, Mechanics And Sealant Classification.

Role Of Fibers In Floors

Witness Live Demonstration

Flooring Equipments & Automation

Flooring details- a practical insight on engineering and planning

Process of Floor Screeding and Finishing Equipment

Process of Laser Screeding for Large Floors

Selection and function of Finishing Tools

Conclusion Of Day-1 Sessions And Visit to Live Demonstration Area

Networking Dinner


Day-II: 13 September 2017

Industrial Flooring – Floor Toppings

Classification and Selection of Resin Floor Topping Systems

ESD Flooring

Resin Flooring Systems for F & B

Industrial Flooring – Application & Equipments

Surface Preparation For Resin Floor Applications

Methodology for Application of Floor Toping

Resin Floors For Clean Room Applications

Resin Solutions for Moisture Bearing Surfaces

Witness Live Demonstration

Polished Concrete, Floor Repairs & Refurbishments

Insight On Floor Grinding And Polishing Systems

Dust Proofing and Polishing of Concrete Floors

Refurbishment of Floors

Witness Live Demonstration

Quality Control/Quality Assurance and Performance Testing

Performance Requirements from client’s perspective

Myth of 00 Floor – Awareness and Understanding of Floor Flatness

Standard Codal Provision for Resin Flooring Systems

Guidelines for performance standards in polished concrete floors

Conference Concludes

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