07 June 2020

Interaction - Shilpa Joshi, Founder& Director, Green Build Products (I) Pvt Ltd

Certifying our products to meet international standards

Few companies have developed innovative products with Green virtues that integrate with modern architectural trends in India, the way Green Build has. This company offers niche technology with WATERLESS CONSTRUCTION. In an exclusive interview to CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES,SHILPA JOSHI, FOUNDER & DIRECTOR, GREEN BUILD PRODUCTS (I) PVT.LTD, explains their strategy of developing Green products with niche applications.



Briefly give us an understanding of your product offerings. Their unique features to ensure smartness in the process of construction.

Today the construction industry needs SMART solutions and technologies to ensure timely completion of projects, and in mitigating challenges of materials and labour. It is also necessary to make the construction eco friendly and yet cost effective. We offer a unique concept of ‘WATERLESS CONSTRUCTION,’ which helps in building Green Walls, with added value in terms of crack free walls and no maintenance in construction.

This process saves 100 per cent water, reduces labour requirement by 50 per cent, and helps in completing the project much quicker. We offer completely ready-to-use products, which eliminate any on-site mixing and maintains control on the quality.

There is no cement or river sand, which makes the technology completely eco friendly. The working process maintains the site clean, thus reducing disposal of waste by almost 80 per cent, reducing not only the hassles but also the cost of disposal.



Tell us about some signature projects designed by well known architects where your products have been used due to niche requirements in design and structure, and the difficulty in building it.


Our technology has been used by eminent construction houses within India. To name a few - SeaWood Mall and Railway station - Mumbai -by L&T, Sobha Developers, Vascon, Shapoorji Pallonji- at Delhi airport, Godrej Properties - Mumbai International Airport, etc, are few of many esteemed projects completed with our WATERLESS CONSTRUCTION. Our breakthrough projects were Hotel Sayaji -Mumbai Bangalore Highway - at Pune, and Hotel Orchid -Balewadi in Pune.




Your assessment of availability of niche products allowing construction of sophisticated structures, and the challenges of integrating them into development and redevelopment projects.

The niche products that we offer are for handling challenges that occur due to different materials being used in construction and its compatibility with one another. For example, when a window or a door frame is fixed, the gaps between the masonry and frame are filled with cement mortar and additives and sealed with silicon sealants.

We offer one stroke solution which bonds the metal and masonry without cracking, and eliminates the maintenance and repairs that occur later.

When the walls are erected, the electrical conduits and switch boards are laid in the wall by opening the plasters or masonry work. Finishing these areas is a very critical job as it leads to cracks later if not finished correctly. Our products work wonders in such critical areas, which not only renders maintenance free work, but also saves upon lot of time in redoing the jobs, supervision, and the cost .

Our other product range is also extremely useful in interior projects where finishing plays an important role.

We are also keen in promoting the DIY concept where one could easily bring in our ready to use packs and do away small jobs without having hassles of bringing in small amounts of cement, sand, additives, and labor to do the job of minor repairs, crack sealing, joints, patchworks etc.

Quick and easy application, complete control on quality, reduced supervision, excellent bonding, and compatibility with various materials, are the USP of our technology.




Tell us about the green element in your product offerings. What is your company’s approach towards R&D and innovation.

Our technology itself is an innovative one and is globally patented. We have our in-house lab for R&D since inception of the company. For us product upgradation and developments is an ongoing process and an integral part of our company culture.

Our technology of WATERLESS CONSTRUCTION offers integrative solutions for building green walls. Our technology offers a product basket which substitutes cement and sand in construction process completely. This also saves 100 per cent water, and saves time and energy while increasing the labour output.

Our technology utilises industrial wastes and by products as its prime components with barely 10to 15 per cent of virgin materials in the composition. This helps in transforming huge volumes of wastes into productive materials, making the BEST OF WASTE as we say it in Green Build.

We are always focused on the innovation aspect and continuous R & D to cater to the challenges of the market.




What features and technology distinguish your products vis-a-vis the competition. Do you plan to add any new products.

We do not compete directly with any products since we are globally patented. However the close substitutes which contribute to traditional construction practices like cement, sand, mortars, and dry mix mortars, premixed plasters, etc, are the only competitors.

We are however completely different from these close substitutes too, because all these products are essentially based on using cement and river sand which is premixed, with some amount of plasticisers. These need to be mixed properly on site with water as specified by the manufacturer.

This means its quality and performance is dependent upon how well it is mixed and whether the specified ratios are maintained. Moreover the presence of cement makes it high in carbon footprint.

Moreover, we offer 5 to 7 years of warranty on our green walls to meet the obligations of RERA. This is a special advantage for builders since their obligation under RERA to warranty quality construction, defect liability period, and timely completion clauses, are taken care by using our technology of WATERLESS CONSTRUCTION.

We are now planning to extend the product line by adding various other products like blocks, panels, tile and floor adhesives, etc, which will make it further more integrative in making green walls.




Briefly tell us about your manufacturing units – location, size, investment, technologies etc.

Currently we have centralised manufacturing facility at Pune with a capacity of one lakh metric tons p.a, which is easily expandable.

We have foreign investments in small amounts and a huge potential for further investments. In fact many multinational companies looking for construction technologies are impressed with our technologies and have shown interest in investments.

We are an organisation with Green values and believe in sustainable developments. Our vision is to bring about sustainable development through innovation to make our world a better place to live, simplify the processes, and create healthy environment for the makers, users, and occupants, in the process.




What is your outlook on the market for such products and technologies in the coming years. What are the initiatives taken up by your company to strengthen business this year.

The potential for such innovative products and technologies is tremendous. Sky is the limit today.

Till now we were into B-to-B market supplying directly to projects. But now we are planning to create distribution network pan India extensively, to increase our reach and make our products available all over the country.

We are also supporting our clients with team of good quality company certified applicator contractors, who can take up the application of the technology for the clients. We are also certifying our products at global level for performance and Green parameters to meet international standards.

I think the market is now ready for emerging technologies, and the new regulations of RERA by Indian government is helping the construction industry to get structured and function more systematically. This will definitely be an advantage to all the manufacturers, suppliers, clients, and the buyers too.



Critical challenges faced introducing niche, green, and energy efficient, products in India. To what extent does cost influence a customer’s purchasing decision.

Cost is the biggest influencer in decision making in any market. So we have always tried to keep our technology at an affordable cost.

However we had to face several challenges in terms of controlling the cost in collecting and transporting the wastes, and certifying our products as Green.

There are no special points to identify and grade for so much of resource saving. All available testimonials are based on comparisons, which are defined for cement and cement based technologies. We had to face several challenges in testing the performance parameters where all specimen and machinery is designed for cement based products.

We also faced difficulties difficulties of cost of raw materials. Despite the fact that we are converting so much of waste into a useable product range, the cost of waste and the taxes on value added products that we make are high.

I think innovative technologies, particularly Green technologies, should be given special benefits on taxes of purchase and sale of value of the goods, to make these technologies affordable and gain easy acceptance in the market.

The other challenges were in terms of acceptability due to mindset of market. This is of course challenge to any emerging technology.

We had people looking at us as if we were crazy, coming from Mars, talking about building walls without using cement and water. Today of course there is better awareness and acceptance in terms of innovative technologies and our challenges are simplified. Your testimonials of so many years are also helping us today.

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