07 June 2020

Interaction - Sanjay Puri, Principal Architect at Sanjay Puri Architects

Indian architecture can generate contextual and sustainable design


Sanjay Puri Architects have scored over a century of international awards so far. In 2017 so far they have won 3 World Architecture Community Awards, U.K., 3 Society of American registered Architects awards in New York , The Progressive Architecture Award in New York as well as 3 Plan awards in Italy. In an exclusive tête-à-tête with CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES, SANJAY PURI, PRINCIPAL ARCHITECT AT SANJAY PURI ARCHITECTS, talks about how he prefers exploring space in sculptural buildings over conventional architectural styles.



What is your Design philosophy, is it minimalist or maximalist.

Each project is contextually unique and therefore there cannot be a singular approach towards all project designs. In each design we create a built environment that engages with the surroundings and simultaneously allows people to engage with a relationship of open and enclosed spaces. 




Which is your favorite architectural style.

Sculptural buildings where spaces are explored uniquely are more interesting than conventional architectural styles.




To what extent has modern construction materials and technology like CAD, BIM, etc, widened the scope of architectural freedom in design.

Technology has allowed integration of various aspects as well as minimized costs of construction if used correctly. Freedom of design has been enhanced by the possibilities of creating more complex spaces.




With regards to usage of green and energy efficient buildings materials, to what extent are they used in your projects. Could you also share with us names of such products you use.

All our projects are designed in a sustainable way with responses to the climate of the location of the project. The materials used depend on their availability in the location of the design.




How would you reflect the Zeitgeist of a particular community while designing a structure for them.

A careful understanding of what their needs and ethos is reflected in the way the design is manifested.




How will you fuse Tradition and Modernity in your designs.

Indian traditional architecture has many principals and elements that effectively today can generate contextual and sustainable design.



Importance of Sustainability and a Green footprint in architectural designs. Especially in the context of landscaping.

Sustainability is a very important aspect of design and this is carefully woven into our designs from the conceptual stages itself.




Your comments on evolving trends in architectural designs in Indian real estate sector.

We do to believe in trends. It is important to create a design that responds to the user’s requirements, the site, its climate, and location.




Is it possible to design a Smart, Sustainable, home at Affordable price.

Yes it is, and a number of projects we are currently working on are responding to this need of creating affordable and sustainable design solutions.




Define the architectural opportunity in India’s Smart City Mission.

The infrastructure in most Indian cities is inadequate for the number of inhabitants and it is imperative that this be augmented immediately.




Please provide details regards to an iconic structure designed by you either ongoing or executed.

Our recently finished residential project Ishatvam 9 in Ranchi responds to the needs of the residents of the city creating apartments with 20 per cent open sheltered spaces and is sculptural in the way these spaces are perceived.




Sanjay Puri Architects is the only architectural firm to win 4 Plan Awards in Venice, 4 Cityscape Awards in Dubai in 2016, 8 World Architecture Festival Awards, 5 Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture & Design Awards, 5 Architizer Awards New York, 14 Mipim Architectural Review Awards and 3 Hospitality Design New York Awards, amongst the 101 international awards they have won over the years.

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