Sunday, July 25, 2021

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NITCO has launched NITCO Magnified 2015 across categories like Glazed Vitrified Tiles, Ceramic Wall tiles and Vitrified Heavy Duty tiles, a new and diverse extension to its legacy. The Glazed Vitrified Category  has tiles 600x1200mm, 800x800 mm, 600x600 mm in size which is larger in comparison to the standard sizes. This exquisite collection offers 3 new finishes. The Barnio Finish offers an extreme smooth surface that has a comfortable soft touch with zero sheen to enhance the design aesthetics. The Enamelia Finish has premium glass top like layer. It fortifies the surface against stains and scars, thereby increasing its durability with a gloss level which is more than 90 per cent on Gloss Meter, equal to Marble. The Sugar Finish has fine granular coarse texture with an inimitable luster on the surface. Digital Wall Tile range consists of endless selection of classic designs of captivating textures and patterns, to transform walls into an artistic canvas and is available in sizes 300x450mm and 300x600 mm. The Outdoor Digital Vitrified Tile range has excellent matt finish and textures in size 300x300 mm offering superior grip that withstands weathering and heavy weights.

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ÖLFLEX® FIRE Survival Cables can provide optimum cabling solutions by maintaining circuit integrity for temperatures up to 950° C, 650° C and 950° C as per application requirements. The inner and outer sheaths of the cables are specially made of halogen free compound which reduces emission of fumes and acid gases in the event of fire. The cables are designed for major infrastructure installations such as – airports, metro rail, rail terminal, bus terminal etc along with building and construction management. The use of the ÖLFLEX® FIRE Survival Cable in building management, fire and security systems ensure that vital systems remain functional in the event of a real life incident which requires an emergency evacuation. They are available in different construction variants – power, control, instrumentation application. Its Halogen Free property eliminates the threat of forming caustic and contributes to less corrosion damage to equipment near the fire and its excellent flame retardant property prevents the fire from spreading.  


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