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VOLVO CE’s advanced P5320B ABG tracked paver fits a gap in the market


MARTIN WEISSBURG, PRESIDENT & CEO, VOLVO CE; VINCENT TAN - PRESIDENT, VOLVO CE, APAC; and DIMITROV KRISHNAN – HEAD, VOLVO CE, INDIA responded to queries from CONSTRUCTION OPPRTUNITIES regarding Volvo CE’s advanced P5320B ABG tracked paver’s exceptional paving quality, productivity, fuel efficiency and ease of operation.


On specific plans for the Indian Market:

DK: The domestic manufacture of pavers in India is mainly around the 4 to 5 meter width category, although there is a 9 meter-plus paver. Most of the 9 to 13 meter pavers are imported and sold by a range of manufacturers, including us. We have a plant in Hameln, Germany where we manufacture the larger products. But you can see there is a very large gap around the 7 meter category, and 7 meters is a common width that needs to be paved. Generally speaking for projects like this at the moment, customers would need to use a 9 meter or 10 meter category paver and use it at a lower capacity.

With this new paver, the P5320B ABG, we are delivering a much more cost-effective solution with a 7 meter paver, at a much lower investment cost than a 9 meter or 10 meter unit, which can deliver the performance that customers really need. We are filling a gap which has been there for a long time and which we have discussed with our customers in the past. We have been flooded with orders for this new machine and we are improving our production capacity to try and keep up with demand. It is great for us that it’s manufactured in Bangalore, using a high level of local input. The Bangalore plant is unique in that there is no other manufacturing facility in the world that makes a paver, excavator and compactor under the same roof. We have mastered the art of manufacturing smaller volumes in a cost effective way.


On the capex plan and roadmap for India:

MW: From a capex standpoint we are already well-invested in India as a global group .We have the existing capacity at our manufacturing site that is needed to address increasing customer demand. It is a sizeable and modern plant, and we don’t have any immediate plans to expand that. But looking at our capex here in a more granular way, we are upgrading and updating the equipment from the manufacturing facility and we continue to invest in the technology side of the business. We have a large R&D team of 90 people on the technology side to our business. So our investment is more on in human capital and human resources. We’re focusing more on in-country engineers, design, software and things like that, as well as building a higher level technological expertise here. Not just for the Indian market but we want to export that knowledge as well. We have been invested in India for many years which is why we enjoy the position we have today. We have a very strong distribution network in India and we met with them yesterday and will see them again tonight. We have a close, open and transparent relationship with our dealers. So our road map for India is tied to - and dependant on - the strength of our distribution network and how we help our partners develop, not just in terms of the product itself but also in terms of parts and service after the sale. Our road map for growth in India is very ambitious. The plans for Indian infrastructure are ambitious - and our road map is equally ambitious.


On the selling price:

DK: The selling price is close to `1 crore, although there are variables related to volume and specification.


On percentage of global content:

DK: What we import is mainly the critical components. Most of the fabrication and assembly on the screed is done in Peenya, Bangalore.


On the product’s USP:

DK: Road building is a major area of focus today and not only for pavers. Pavers are used during the latter part of road building. If you look at our product range, we have products that handle the levelling and land clearing required at the start of road building projects, as well as machines that support supply and preparation of materials, such as wheel loaders. Then we have products which lay the materials - our pavers and compaction equipment. We have a huge range of products which fits all aspects of the work. So this new P5320B ABG adds to our product line and what’s more it’s suited to the big highway jobs too. You need to be flexible with the width you pave. The 7 meter unit gives them the flexibility they need. Customers don’t need to over-invest in a machine with a capacity of 9 meters to do work with a 6 to 7 meter requirement, which is a very common specification in this country. There is a lot of emphasis on concrete work and how equipment fits into concrete road construction because most Indian expressways are usually concrete. But the fact is this new paver also supports that work. Because concrete roads really only need a different paver for the top level while at the sub-base you still need a paver that can spread materials. The P5320B ABG really addresses customer needs by providing efficient work on sub-bases.


On how intelligent the paver is:

DK: Intelligent compaction is in its early stages and is yet to be adopted by our customers. It is not a concept widely embraced as yet. We have sensors on our pavers that provide information back to the operator and they use that to guide their work. But the concept of intelligent compaction for paving can be quite different. It incorporates elements such as remote operation and remote control. The P5320B ABG is semi-automatic and semi- intelligent in the sense that it gives a lot of indications to the operator. Depending on the specifications of the customer, we can specify individual machines to be much more precise because of the high quality sensors we use.

VT: The machine basically is electronically controlled and you can pave in whichever configuration you want. The speed control is run by a micro-processor and this basically runs the complete functions of the machine. If you want 2D or 3D hook up, which is called ‘intelligent’, the machine has the capabilities to incorporate those options, so what we have here is an advanced technology machine that is world class.


On the market size:

DK: Considering the scale of road building activity that is planned, the number machines for this industry could double or triple over the coming years. It is difficult to put precise numbers to it. We have ramped up our capacity to build pavers, and have ramped up our vendor base. We are constantly adapting to what is happening in the market. This road segment is a segment where our entire product range fits very well. We are confident that sales of pavers will be much higher in 2016 than last year.




Volvo Construction Equipment has launched its P5320B ABG tracked paver, which is ideal for medium and large-scale paving projects where widths range from 2.5 m up to 7 m. Its ability to pave widths up to 7 m comes courtesy of Volvo’s Omni V screed. Its eco-friendly engine delivers best-in-class 88kW (118 hp) performance along with quiet, fuel-efficient operation. Its paver material handling system is designed to resist wear and tear from abrasive lay down material and its multi-level protection design ensures minimal repair costs. Performance efficiency is further enhanced by the paver’s load sensing hydraulics system, powered by a variable displacement axial piston pump. Designed and manufactured in-house by Volvo, the Smart track system with patented Automatic Hydraulic track tensioner adjustment ensures better traction & stability. For industry-wide compatibility, the electrical system is designed to accommodate standard global levelling systems. There is an ergonomically-designed control panel that includes a colour TFT display that relays information on the paving cycle, as well as details on diagnostics and service data. To improve material transfer and flow, the P5320B ABG’s auger allows operators to adjust its height. With all components perfectly matched P5320B ABG ensures optimum productivity less maintenance, a longer lifespan, higher traction performance in a cost effective package.

With ample power reserves, robust design, and proven performance and precision the P5320B ABG is suited to all types of paving applications, including Wet Mix Macadam, Dry Lean Concrete & Asphalt paving.

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