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Table of Contents for Event Focus-India Warehousing Show 2016

Interaction-Piush Goyal, MD, Kelley Material Handling

Kelley enjoys a very healthy repeat business from its existing customers

Kelley Material Handling Equipment India Pvt. Ltd., a 100 per cent wholly owned subsidiary of 4Front Engineered Solutions, Dallas, TX, USA is a pioneer in developing tailored equipment plans for an endless variety of material handling applications. The company’s portfolio of products include Dock Levelers, Seals & Shelters, HVLS Fans and Industrial Sectional Doors. Supported by a team of industry leading installation specialists and backed by some of the strongest warranties available in the industry, Kelley India provides complete solutions from start to finish. PIUSH GOYAL, MD, KELLEY MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT INDIA responded to queries from CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES


What is the current market size of warehousing in India and how do you expect it to grow?

The logistics industry in India is witnessing a boom leading to capacity enhancement by all major and medium size players. The total modern warehousing demand in the year 2014 was 900 million sq. feet andthe same is expected to grow to around 1,500 million sq. feet by 2019. Growth of cold chain industry is yet another opportunity, which has witnessed CAGR of 25 per cent. The MHE industry in India is still at a nascent stage compared to China, which is around 25 times larger than present levels here. The e-commerce, 3PL, multi brand retails and auto component will be the key growth drivers for this sector going forward.



What is or are the range of equipment and solutions provided by your company to address the warehousing customer requirements in a holistic manner?

The success of the sectors I mentioned above depends upon high Quality infrastructure, technology, strategic location and selection of right material handling equipment from a forklift truck to racking system to the loading dock equipment and comfort to the workmen. Kelley® offers a full line of loading dock equipment and warehouse products to companies in India. This line-up of products includes Dock Levelers,HVLS Fans, Dock Bumpers, Dock Seals, Dock Shelters, Vehicle Restraints, impact resistant overhead Door products and supply chain logistics software – all aimed at providing customers the highest quality dependable products and the lowest cost of ownership available in the industry. More than 1,000 of Kelley products are already installed at customer locations in nearly most Indian states.
The dock leveler works as a bridge between trucks of various sizes and the facility (both factories and warehouses). The forklift or hand pallet truck can comfortably move over it to stuff or de-stuff a container or a truck at inbound and outbound logistics’ area.

Kelley® HVLS fans (high volume and low speed big fans) move at very slow speed and deliver large amount of air. The 2-3 mph breeze breaks the moisture saturated boundary layer on the skin and results in equivalent of 7 deg. to 11 deg. Fahrenheit reduction in the perceived temperature to keep employees comfortable. The single Kelley HVLS big fan can cover a facility area of up to 20,000 sq. ft. depending upon various site conditions – no need to maintain large number of wall-mounted noisy fans consuming huge amount of electricity.



Tell us more about your supply chain logistics software?

We are globally one of the leading company in to this business. Our 4SIGHT® is an advanced supply chain logistics software that uses state-of-the-art technology to provide you with increased visibility, productivity and sustainability in your yard, loading d ock and warehouse. Warehouse executives are facing great pressure to do more with less these days. Whether you need a yard management system with real-time RFID and GPS information, a dock management system that helps increase efficiency or a tailored solution for your specific application, 4SIGHT can give you the tools to make the most of your operation. Bottom line, from the moment a trailer enters your property to the time it leaves, the system will know exactly where it is, what’s on it, where it needs to be and how to get it there as efficiently as possible.

Despite the incredible amount of intellectual property and advanced technology that goes into 4SIGHT, the system is very easy to use. We’ve taken great care to design intuitive graphical user interfaces so that the system is simple to train new users on. Truck drivers, managers and others can all get up to speed quickly so you don’t lose time or productivity figuring out the system.



Tell us more about your global operations?

Kelley® is the brand wholly owned by 4Front Engineered Solutions headquartered at Dallas, Texas, USA (part of USD 8.1 billion ASSA ABLOY group) and offers a wide range of loading dock equipment and warehouse products worldwide. World’s first counter balanced dock leveler was invented by Kelley in the 1953 in USA. Kelley has spent the last 60 years in pioneering the material handling industry and providing companies with a variety of products to meet their individual facility needs. Kelley has the broadest line of pit style and specialty dock levelers as well as dock seals and shelters to fit all size door openings and applications. Kelley’s core competencies are born out of a rich history of Innovation, Quality and superior Engineering and a number of industry firsts. All these years, Kelley has strived to manufacture dock equipment that makes the workplace safer, more productive and more energy-efficient. Today, Kelley’s product offering extends beyond loading dock equipment including energy saving big HVLS Fans (High Volume and Low Speed Fans) for warehousing and manufacturing facilities.

Kelley operates seven production facilities in USA, Mexico and Canada with a cumulative square footage of nearly 600,000 sq. ft. Kelley Material Handling Equipment India is currently investigating the prospect of producing products in India.



The power shortage still remains major challenge for Indian industry. How do your products tackle this?

The good news is that Kelley products are highly energy saving. The 24 feet Kelley HVLS Fan is fitted with 2 HP motor and a single fan can cover up to 20,000 sq. feet area resulting in around 80 per cent saving of the electricity bill due to its state of the art technology compared to traditional ventilation methods. The Energy Guard® is an innovative design that closes off the gaps between the dock leveler and concrete pit walls at the inbound/out-bound logistics on the loading docks. Energy Guard prevents the mass flow of air, minimizing the transfer of heat and energy into and out of the facility. Energy Guard can be factory installed on new Kelley levelers or outfitted on most of the existing pit-style dock levelers. Kelley’s dock shelters and seals provide complete protection from dust, insects and energy wastage.

The Kelley HVLS fans and air-powered dock levelers are very popular in US and Europe due to these very advantages. We are very excited to see its growing popularity in Indian market also over last few years.



For efficient operationalisation of your solutions, what are the requirements to be met by your customers?

There is nothing specific that a customer in India will need to specifically suit our machines. The only need is the customers’ “Will” to switch to the globally most advanced technology. Rest you can leave it to my engineers, who will visit your site at pre and post project stage to carry out site survey.

I have seen many of our machines working satisfactorily even after 10 years in India.By the virtue of our advanced technology and “Zero Defect” Quality, we are able to offer unbelievable warranties on all our products in India also.



How do you ensure that customers in India get product support in time?

Our vast list of customers are from manufacturing, auto, white line, FMCG, food chains; e-commerce, warehousing and logistic distribution hubs. To support them, we presently have a nationwide network of 5 branch offices and 10 dealerships. Kelley’s major focus is to provide total customer satisfaction and many of our engineers are trained at our factories in USA. We have a central warehouse in Mumbai, where in we stock all equipment and spare parts to ensure that all equipment and the parts’ requirement is catered to in the fastest way. I strongly believe in peoples’ development and make sure that our engineers from US HQ also keep visiting India to impart advanced on site trainings to our engineers. Kelley enjoys a very healthy repeat business from its existing customers, which also serves as good reference.

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