Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Spotlight-WAM Group

Ensuring a ZERO Pollutant Discharge


WAMGROUP offers advanced and economical solutions for efficient dust-free loading of dry, dusty bulk solids on stockpiles.


Stockpile Loading Bellows are bellows having applications in mining and quarry industries ensuring  efficient handling of Cement , Lime , Gypsum , Minerals , Manufactured Sand , Ceramics  for  bulk storage , bulker loading , ship loading etc.


These loading bellows ensure efficient, dust controlled discharge of dry dusty bulk powder to stockpiles , bulkers , hoppers , ships etc.


The loading bellows are provided with inner tapered cones to contain the flow of material and an outer bellows to provided for dust removal.


WAM  a pioneer in designing and manufacturing  of loading bellows which are time tested and approved by most of world’s best high standards set by developed countries.



  • Cleaner environment as it controls dust pollution
  • Excellent dust free loading due to special bottom skirt design.
  • Two lifting cables outside material flow for raising and lowering the loading bellows , avoids cable wear & tear by material flow.
  • Two level indicators outside material flow.
  • Available with in- built dust collector.
  • Reduces material segregations which ensures consistency in gradation.
  • Eradicates material losses
  • Low operating cost, and exceptional price – quality ratio ensuring  fast return on investment
  • Avoidance of penalties imposed by authorities for dust
  • Increased safety
  • Remote control operation


All the above benefits encouraged  UltraTech Cement’s Aggregate division which has successfully installed Stockpile Loading Bellows for Manufactured Sand stock pile loading  and Dust filter for conveyor transfer points to reduce air pollution.


This initiative of Ultratech has been well appreciated by Pollution Control Board and has become a new industry benchmark for achieving "ZERO – PD" (Pollutant Discharge).


Stockpile Loading Bellows is also a preferred product for several companies in the steel and power sector such as NTPC, JSW Steel etc.


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