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Spotlight-Sangam Project Consultants

Complete project solutions


For the last two decades, Sangam Project Consultants has provided an extensive, independent range of experienced and quality services to the property and construction industry and has a proven track record in the delivery of Commercial & Residential facilities.


SANGAM a group of Technical Professionals with experience, skills, attitude and approach, critical to the management of Project Processes has resources to evaluate Project Design, Technology, Materials and Engineering methods. This ensures that Project Owner’s receive accurate guidance from a single accountable source.


Principle benefits and differentiation offered by Sangam include:

  • Experience and knowledge gained from our previous and current Ventures will be shared with Developer’s project. Sangam will deliver innovation by developing new techniques and tailoring existing services to meet the specific requirements of Developer’s project;
  • Commitment to fulfilling the role to Developer’s satisfaction;
  • Team with significant and pertinent experience and a wealth of backup resources;
  • Innovative budgeting approach and techniques to enhance traditional quantity surveying services.

SANGAM provides critical inputs at all stages of the Project Development Cycle viz.,

  • Setting out Owner’s aspirations and defining of Project Objectives
  • Determining the final scope of work for the Project
  • Scheduling critical decision processes
  • Assessing validity of cost structures at Budgetary, Construction and Capitalization stages
  • Appraising material specifications and standards of workmanship
  • Appraising Project Delivery Teams and initiating team-capability enhancement measures
  • Identifying and assessing risks issues, and the mitigation thereof
  • Assessing and administering procurement processes
  • Assessing and administering aspirational product quality
  • SANGAM shall ensure
  • Enhanced Product Quality
  • Systematic Independent Inspection and Monitoring
  • Adherence to schedule as timely concern raise
  • Enhanced Service life and Durability of the project
  • Maximize the value of receivables for expenditure incurred



  • Sangam shall set up of a detailed pre-construction strategy for the project, including design and construction.
  • Sangam shall establish a master project schedule with base line identifying major design, permit, tender award and construction milestones with detailed sub-activities, and critical paths along with resource planning and allocations.
  • Sangam shall draw, evaluate and review the necessary & desired Contract documents for all the Work Packages so finalized.
  • Sangam shall advise and make recommendations with respect to such factors as constructability; construction feasibility; cost impacts and possible economies of scale; availability and utilization of materials, labor and equipment; time requirements for procurement and construction, and performance standards and maintenance expense upon completion.



  • Sangam shall coordinate with the Contractors, Sub-contractors, Vendors to ensure that a proper Micro Level schedule, logistics plans, quality plan, safety plan and method statements are in place.
  • Sangam shall Integrate contractors program into the Master project schedule.
  • Sangam shall liaise and follow-up with Developer, Consultants and Contractor to ensure inputs and comments are received in a timely manner to avoid any project delays.
  • Sangam shall monitor site activities to ensure correctness in the interpretation of drawings.
  • Sangam shall check and certify all contractors bills as specified in the tender/contract documents.
  • Sangam shall perform all duties of quality assurance of works and carry out comprehensive technical supervision of the works to ensure conformity with approved designs, specifications for materials and workmanship, adopted QA/QC and HSE procedures, applicable relevant standards and codes and sound engineering practices.
  • Sangam shall prepare monthly progress payment estimates and facilitate and administer systematic and reasonable progress payments.
  • Sangam shall manage all the Contractual issues with the Contractors in such a way that there is no cost and time implication to the Developer.
  • Sangam shall establish, effect and monitor a program for identifying and rectifying defects during applicable Defects Liability Period including periodic monitoring and reporting.



  • Sangam shall solicit the AS BUILT drawings immediately on completion of each area. Reviewing, verifying and approving the “as-built” corrections to all plans, drawings and other documents in coordination with design consultants and to the satisfaction of the Developer.
  • Sangam shall recommend Issue of Completion Certificates after the contractors have satisfactorily completed all work under the terms of their contracts and for final payment of the contractors after adjusting any liquidated damages and security Deposits.


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