28 February 2020

Interaction-Abhijit Gupta, Brand Leader, Case New Holland

Our products are best suited for Indian requirements


Case Construction a leader in the vibratory compactor and motor graders segment which forms the lifeline of any road construction activity is poised well to ride the infrastructure growth wave by providing the best in class technology construction equipment. ABHIJIT GUPTA, BRAND LEADER, CASE NEW HOLLAND CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT (I) PVT. LTD responded to queries from CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES about the company’s products and future plans



What are the trends driving purchase or hire of road construction equipment market in India? To what extent is consumer behaviour influenced by cost?

A major segment of the customers in construction equipment market give out machines on rental due to its reliability, effective cost and a way of boosting productivity without having to purchase new. This trend is growing due to is the large geographical spread of India as a country and difficult inter-state movement of RTO registered assets.

Therefore, most of the large contractors, other than maintaining a captive fleet of equipment for critical project sections, rent out other equipment in multiple wide spread sections of any infrastructure project.

However this largely remains an unorganized segment so far in India, with a potential to become far more structured and organized in the years to come. Cost continues to remain a sensitive area for consumers in India, however the nature of the cost which concerns is variable. While rental companies are concerned more about the initial cost of the equipment, the captive users are more concerned about the total cost of ownership with emphasis on the cost of maintenance and operations.



What are the road equipment currently most in demand?

Almost all types of equipment are witnessing growth, though the market will continue to be dominated by the six most popular products: backhoe loaders, crawler excavators, mobile cranes, mobile compressors, compaction equipment and wheeled loaders. Together these equipments will account to 93 per cent of the market in 2020.

Among road construction equipment, compaction equipment, which has remained subdued for the last few years, increased by 16 per cent and motor grader sales surged by 98 per cent in 2015.


Briefly tell us about your manufacturing units – location, production capacity, technology, investments etc?

With a global experience of excellence in its products and services for over 174 years, CASE Construction sells and supports full line of world-class construction equipment and aftermarket support, industry-leading warranties and provides flexible financing. The company is spread across 190 countries with 62 manufacturing plants, 48 research and development centers and 71,000 strong work force.

With worldwide investment in R&D to the tune of Rs.7,000 crore last year, CASE Construction has been investing heavily in the Indian product line for the past 4 years. The result of this has been the EX series on Loader Backhoe and the DX series on the Compactors which has been exceptionally well received by our customers.

The company has remained the undisputed leader in the Vibratory Compactor segment for the last 25 years and consistently maintained a top tier position in the Loader Backhoe segment.

CASE India operates a manufacturing plant in Pithampur, which applies advanced manufacturing practices and qualified for ISO 9001:2000 quality standards and ISO 14000 environmental certification. Also, as a CNH Industrial group, the company has interests in Indian agricultural equipment sector such as tractors, harvesters, etc. with two manufacturing plants at Greater Noida and Pune.



Tell us of the projects in which your products are currently being utilised and the important projects in the past where they were profit?

As a leader in the road construction equipment sector and a major players in general construction equipment category for past 25 years, there is no aspect of infrastructure in the country which is left untouched by the superiority of CASE Construction machinery. The present emergent growth wave is centered around roads and railways, so the current utilization of CASE India machinery is higher in these sectors ranging from expressways, NHAI, SH and PMGSY jobs across India to marquee railways projects such as Dedicated Freight Corridors.



Tell us about the indigenisation efforts undertaken by the company to meet the market requirements? What is the company’s approach to implementing the ‘Make in India’ drive?

The government’s ‘Make In India’ campaign is generating more and more interest with international companies setting up their manufacturing plants and facilities across India thereby also generating local employment.

Following the Make in India concept, CASE India has introduced globally followed “World Class Manufacturing” processes at the Indian CE plant in Pithampur. The company has started exports to similar emission norm countries which further reflects the quality of its products.

Going forward the products from Pithampur plant will not only open many export markets but also benefit the Indian customers with a superior quality offering.



What is your focus on technological upgradation in respect of your products? What are the advancements your have introduced or plan to introduced?

CASE India offers the most advanced technological products which are suited to the basic Indian requirements of high fuel efficiency and productivity. This coupled with minimalistic maintenance intervention in CASE machines, be it from regular maintenance point of view (reliability) or longer oil change periods, makes them absolutely trouble free. All of these on a holistic scale of owning and operating cost of the CASE machines, make them the highest value for money offering in the Indian CE market space.

Every equipment is designed incorporating the four main criteria viz. Operator Comfort, Productivity, Serviceability and Low Operating Costs. The latest range of the EX series of Loader Backhoes powered by the FIAT FPT Industrial engine & the DX series in Vibratory Compactors is a testimony of the company’s untiring efforts to offer the most advanced & continuously upgraded product range to the Indian market. The Graders and Skid Steer loaders are in any case a superior offering of world class plants spread across Europe and America.

CASE India has recently launched Eagle Eye Telematic System, a real time vehicle tracking and communication based on GPS technology. This delivers better value for money which enables the operators to monitor and trace geographical locations of CASE Loader Backhoes and Vibratory Compactor equipments. Additionally this system will also provide an update on the use of the machine, fuel levels and total number hours the machine was in operation along with its temperature. In the Loader backhoes Case India has an recent upgradation by way of complete HVAC air-conditioned cabins. This overall structure of the cabin, provides unparalleled safety to the operators. One can log on to CASE India website to view the complete historical data of the machine. This delivers better value for money and the customers.



What is your agenda and outlook for 2016-2017?

The market structure has remained relatively unchanged for the past five years. Infrastructure development is a key economic driver and enjoys an intense government focus that should spur the demand for construction equipment in the country.

For the ongoing financial year, the industry should take an overall leap to the tune of 20 per cent or more based on the initial signs. A good monsoon forecast should also help in positively influencing the industry in the working season post monsoons.

CASE Construction is poised well to ride this growth wave to help India build her infrastructure by providing the best in class technology construction equipment from its manufacturing plants worldwide. There will be a definitive increase the product portfolio based on the demand and growth opportunity in each product segment.



How do you expect the market to shape up for the road construction equipment industry through 2016-17?

Road construction equipment started showing positive trends since H2 of last financial year and this is likely to continue in this financial year as well. The uptick in demand will naturally first consume the established equipment park in the market after which the growth will get passed on to the new equipment.

This is aided by the extraordinary push to the road building by the government of India as the cornerstone of infrastructure development. The Government has attracted large-scale investments in infrastructural sector for major ambitious programmes such as ‘Smart Cities’,‘Swachh Bharat’ the clean India campaign, expressway network, ‘Diamond Quadrilateral’ for high speed railways, dedicated freight corridors, river linking and waterways development, Ganga cleaning, ‘Make in India’ and ‘Skill India’ programmes with development of five industrial corridors, apart from the ongoing programmes for expansion of road, railway, port and airport networks, rural infrastructure and irrigation programmes, education, healthcare and women empowerment. This is likely to spur the demand for the earthmoving and construction equipment..



What is your company’s plan of action or strategy for the road segment this year? Are you looking to add new equipment to you existing product portfolio? Are you eyeing specific projects?

CASE Construction remains committed to participate and facilitate the infrastructure development in India through robust, efficient and technologically advanced equipment. CASE India has maintained a leadership in the road equipment through Vibratory Compactors for more than two decades now. On rising consumer demand of a good and robust grading solution we started promoting our Motor Graders since last year which has been a huge success for us. Our discerning customers have appreciated the extraordinary value for money offered by CASE graders which is incomparable in the Indian CE market today. Future will continue to remain exciting and for a global full liner company such as CASE Construction, introduction of newer equipment for Indian requirements is only a matter of time and right opportunity. We are committed to remain sensitive to the market needs and are confident to match it with agility.

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