28 February 2020

Interaction-Prashanth Kumar, Executive Director, Sicoma Mixers India

Sicoma provides customised solutions


SICOMA MIXERS INDIA part of the OMG GROUP (Officine  Meccaniche Galletti S.r.l.) started it’s Indian operations in 2006. The company in engaged in manufacturing products such as Concrete Mixers and allied products which find their applications in varied fields like infrastructure projects, dry cast cement products, greenfield projects etc.PRASHANTH KUMAR, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR – Sicoma India responds to  CONSTRUCTION OPPORTUNITIES queries…


Briefly tell us about the products, equipments and concrete solutions offered by your company and also share with us few details about your manufacturing units – location, capacities and investments?

We manufacture Concrete Mixers (Twin Shaft and Planetary) which is our core expertise. We also have another specialised division for accessories and concrete distribution system wherein we offer products such as travelling buckets, weighing systems etc.


Tell us of the competitive material advantages offered by your products?

In simple words, European quality Concrete Mixers and allied products at affordable prices.


What is the emphasis you have placed on R&D, innovation, and sustainability?

We pay a lot of importance to customer feedback. This is one of the reasons why we participate in most trade shows/exhibitions around the world to understand customer requirements. These customer feedback make us think a lot to offer customer specific solutions which eventually leads to innovations. We have a dedicated R&D team working hard to meet customer/regional specific requirements. One such example is our Twin Shaft Mixer MAO750/500 developed exclusively for the Indian market.

What are the areas of the economy which drive use of your products? Tell us of the important projects which your products and solutions have supported profitably?

Our products are mainly employed in infrastructure development projects such as roads, dams, highways, infrastructure corridors etc.

In present times, we are majorly associated with most road/highways projects awarded by the Union Government. We are thankful to the present NDA government for the smiling situation. We offer European quality products at affordable prices which keep the capital and operational costs low for the end user.


Could you name a few key projects in which you looking to contribute and which can enhance business prospects for concrete industry in India?

We are looking to contribute as much as possible towards the growth of our country in development sectors such as roads/highways, hydel power dams, wind mill power projects, solar power projects, infrastructure projects such as housing, industrial/IT parks etc.


Could you talk of the growth trends and challenges faced by firms such as yours?

We see growth in the coming years. However we would like to have the GST in place as soon as possible.


Could you talk of your strategies to push your products in a competitive atmosphere?

There is competition, no doubts about it. This is why we emphasise to stay in touch with end customers to understand their requirements and offer them products that they actually want.


What is your outlook for the sector through 2016-2017?

With a whole lot of projects to be implemented, the future looks good for us.




Sicoma Mixers India part of the OMG GROUP (Officine  Meccaniche Galletti S.r.l.) started it’s Indian operations in 2006. OMG GROUP was founded in Italy in the year 1972. In 1992, the growing demand for the company's products in other countries led to the company's expansion in foreign markets for all equipment produced by OMG Group. OMG Group is directly present in Spain (Galletti Iberica 1988), France (OMG France 2006), China (Sicoma Zhuhai 2000), USA (Sicoma North America 2005) and India (2006). Localization of manufacturing is a key factor for the success particularly in China and India. In many other countries, SICOMA is present through agents or distributors.

Sicoma is a pioneer in manufacturing of Planetary Mixers, Twin Shaft Mixers, Skip Mixers, Lab Mixers, Twin Shaft Continuous Mixers, Turbine Mixers, Concrete Distribution System and Mixer Accessories.

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